Star Jones, formerly of The View, was the center of controversy Sunday when she evoked the ire of journalists by refusing to discuss her incredible transformation from the way she looked when she was on The View to how she looks today. The past year has been an incredibly life-changing year for her appearance-wise. Yes, she has lost a lot of weight but her whole appearance has changed. Her features appear different. Whether that is due to her weight loss is highly suspect, but Ms. Jones insists it will all be revealed in an upcoming issue of Glamour magazine in which she writes an article about her transformation.

The Star Jones Show debuts on Court TV (soon to be TRU TV) August 20. It will be a daily live talk show that will tackle current events and issues in a format that is different than any currently on television.

"I'm really excited to be returning to daytime television," Jones said. "I'm even more excited to be a part of the Turner family. Star Jones show is going to be a part of truTV and I love the sound of that every day. We will air weekdays on Court TV beginning on August 20th and it will be a live show. Just in keeping with what goes on in the world today, law, entertainment, pop culture, current events, all that intersects on a daily basis."

She explained more about the format of her new show. "We're going to use the audience at home in ways that you've never even seen done on television, not just with emails, not just with chats back and forth. The guests that are going to come on -- say for instance you have a celebrity guest, a person who is typically on the daytime circuit plugging a movie. You won't see that person sitting there saying 'Well, this is what my movie is about.' We're looking to do a story beyond the story." She said that in the case of Harry Potter, perhaps, "Instead of just having Daniel and the rest of the young people on as guests, I want to be talking about the relationship between the teachers and the students at Hogwarts and, more importantly, what was it like to have your mentor, your teacher, growing up, and then bring on real people who get the same kind of encouragement. So my job is to look beyond the typical and move up to something else."

Jones admitted that people are curious about the change in her appearance. "It's changed. I mean I've changed completely from the way I looked when I first started in television and the way I look now and I think it does a service to our audience to really explain, and in the coming months I think that I will have answered every question that you want the answers to. So that's a little bit of a tidbit for you that by the time the show goes on the air, I guarantee you no one will ever have to ask those Well, focusing was really my goal in this last year. It wasn't as if it were my initial hope and dream. Who does that, you know. I've been working since I was 17 years old. But, for the last year, I've spent some time getting to know Star, being as healthy as I can be, spending time with my family. I got to teach a class at East Harlem at a school that I like up in New York on civics and social responsibility. I learned as much from those kids as I hope they learned from me. I will be continuing to do that next year since I am back in New York every day and just really focusing on what I wanted to do in television. And, really, all I want to do is do TV that matters again. It should be fun, but it should be informative. And I don't want to add to the culture of hate that's out there, and I don't think our audience wants that anymore." She later revealed that she wrote an article for Glamour magazine in which all the questions about her transformation should be answered.

About her name change back to her maiden name, she smiled and simply said, "I'm always going to be Star Jones Reynolds, but Star Jones is the prosecutor, the journalist, the talk show host who tells it like it is. Star Jones Reynolds makes dinner for her husband every night, and she's the wife. I'm the working woman."

And though she wouldn't give specifics about her upcoming article, she was not shy about expressing her thoughts on the Paris Hilton sentence.

Star Jones: "You know, when I was a prosecutor, if you were arrested and you took a plea that had some implications about driving under the influence and then you got the opportunity to get probation, to do community service, to take a fine, and you only had a couple of things you had to do, which is not drive, if you got pulled over and you were driving, not once, but twice, in my courtroom, I would ask for some jail time. And the judges in Brooklyn would have given you some jail time, and you would have been in the Brooklyn house of detention. Okay? And that's just the way the world works for everybody. The problem, though, is there were 265 cameras and journalists that were following every move. I think it's less about Paris being arrested or going to jail and more about the culture that we live in where our parents are trying to be girlfriends to the children instead of being parents. My parents -- I don't know about yours, but my parents put restrictions in place, and the first time I screwed up, there were ramifications to me screwing up so that there wasn't a second, third, and fourth time. Then I expect that when parents start being parents again and not trying to be friends, you will see a change in Hollywood and the rest of our country. Your first indication that there's a problem is when your mother is in that VIP booth next to you at the nightclub. That's a problem."

Star Jones didn't stop there, going further to discuss the recent Scooter Libby presidential commutation of his sentence.

Star Jones: "Well, first of all, when you have a hookup like the President of the United States, you are all better off. I mean, that's the ultimate hookup. Some of us want to be celebrities. Some of us want to be rich. Some of us want to be on television. I want a hookup. I mean, and that is -- the President is the ultimate hookup in this situation. Yes, I think when a courtroom finds you guilty and a judge fairly sentences you, you should be going to prison. However, when the President of the United States has, through our constitutional and executive powers, the ability to pardon and commute sentences, we can't be mad when he uses those special powers. I think he used them irresponsibly, but that's not the first time that our President has done something that I think is irresponsible. This time it seemed to just benefit somebody that he liked and is a part of his clique and his club. I think it speaks more to the way we do politics in this country. President Bush sort of followed a path. And if any of you thought that he wasn't going to, we would be really naive in this room. I fully expect that on the eve of him walking out the door, it will be a full pardon. And I think he's pretty much told us that he does not plan to cut off that possibility."

This woman does not hold back when she has something to say, and her new show should be very interesting. Time will tell if audiences will embrace her when her show premiers in August.