J.J. Abrams is one director who refuses to give into leaked set photos and early spoilers, hoping to retain some of the mystery behind Star Trek 2 when it hits theaters next year. So, as you can imagine, the cast has been fairly tight-lipped.

Until now.

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Actor Chris Pine, who returns to take the helm of the Starship Enterprise as Captain James T. Kirk, has spilled more about this upcoming sequel than any of his cast mates, offering a nice teaser of things to come. But alas, he has revealed no real story information.

What do we learn? That Star Trek 2 will pick up with all of the characters as if no time has passed between films. And its going to be a non-stop roller coaster ride, something that can't be said of any original Shatner-Nimoy lead Star Trek film, all of which move at the speed of drying mud.

Here are Chris Pine's quick comments about this anticipated sequel.

"Of course I'm gonna tell you I think it's gonna be better. You pick up the characters from where they left off, and the development of the characters - I think - is just as exciting as the first one. And it's relentless. I think that's the best adjective I can use... it's just as action-packed as the first."

He then revealed that the movie is almost done with principle photography.

"We're almost done. It's wrapping up very soon."

Stay tuned as more Star Trek 2 news slowly trickles in one syllable at a time.