During last night's 2012 MTV Movie Awards, Star Trek 2 director J.J. Abrams appeared in a skit about Hollywood's worst archery teacher, played by Joel McHale. Several eagle-eyed fans noticed that there appeared to be an image of a Klingon on the edit bay monitor behind the filmmaker. Today, Paramount Pictures confirmed that creature was, in fact, a Klingon, and that the alien race plays into the story of this highly-anticipated sequel. Take a look at the photo, and read on for more information about this cunning reveal.

Star Trek 2 J.J. Abrams Klingon Photo

At first, it seemed to be just a big joke put on by the director, who said in the skit that he had to remove a Klingon sub-plot in Star Trek 2 because he didn't want to work with this incompetent archery coach. Studio sources confirmed that the image was placed there on purpose, as a way to tease the alien's design. Ironically, the filmmaker actually did cut a Klingon sub-plot out of his 2009 blockbuster Star Trek, which fans can watch in deleted scenes on the Blu-ray and DVD.

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