Mission: Impossible Ghost Protocol producer J.J. Abrams has been out and about, promoting that film. And while he continues to remain tight-lipped on his highly anticipated sequel Star Trek 2, the director did reveal that this next chapter will be shot in 2D and converted to 3D later, with some scenes possibly shooting in IMAX.

"We're shooting on film, 2-D, and then we'll do a good high-end conversion like the Harry Potter movie and all that. Luckily, with our release date now (May 17th, 2013) we have the months needed to do it right because if you rush it, it never looks good. We were talking about [shooting in IMAX] and I would love to do it. IMAX is my favorite format; I'm a huge fan."
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The director wouldn't confirm if Kahn is going to be the villain, saying that it is too early to talk about the fine details just yet. He did call the script "amazing", and claims that it will all be on him if this film gets screwed up. The sets are done, and the film begins shooting next month.

J.J. Abrams then commented on the improvements he hopes to make with Star Trek 2.

"Like many people, you see what you do and you go, 'I really could have done that one better, I should have done that, that was a mistake, more of this, less of that.' You always do that. I'm hoping that as we do the next one, all the mistakes that I've made that I've hopefully learned from, I can bring to this one and hope make it better."

The director then revealed that Cloverfield 2 is still in limbo.

"I wish I could give you an update. We would love to do it if there was an idea that is worth your time. We're playing with some ideas, but we haven't found the one that you go, 'That's the reason to do it.' "

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