While we still have a few months left until Star Trek Beyond hits theaters, today marks an important day in franchise history for fans. April 5th is known around the world as First Contact Day, since it was on this date in the year 2063 that humans first made contact with Vulcans, in franchise lore. To celebrate this momentous occasion, Star Trek Beyond director Justin Lin took to his Yomyomf.com page to reveal a new photo of two new aliens who will be featured in the movie, which is actually part of a contest.

As it turns out, these two costumed actors have worked with the director before, although we can't tell who they are in this photo, and they haven't been announced as part of the cast yet. The filmmaker revealed in his post that the first person to correctly guess the identities of both actors will win an official Star Trek Beyond crew t-shirt and a signed poster. Take a look at the director's full post below.

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"To celebrate the moment when Humans and Vulcans made first contact (April 5, 2063), thought I'd share a photo from the first day of the Star Trek Beyond shoot. Here I am hanging with two of my favorite people to ever work with. And just for fun, I'll send the first person who correctly guesses the identities of these two actors an official STB crew t-shirt and signed STB poster. Just leave your guesses in the comments section below. And a small note-because the shirt contains spoilers for the film and the poster hasn't been finalized yet, I won't be able to send it out until closer to the STB release date this July, but rest assured you'll get it as soon as possible. I know this will probably be a tough one since the casting of these two actors hasn't been announced yet and you won't find them listed on IMDb. So here's a hint-I've worked with them both before STB. Good luck."

It isn't known if Justin Lin will reveal who these actors are right away, or if he'll wait until we get closer to the July 22 release date. Fans have already started leaving their guesses in the comments section of the Yomyomf.com page. Among the most popular guesses are Danny Pudi, whom the director worked with in the infamous paintball episode of Community, and Dwayne Johnson, who starred in the director's hit movies Fast Five and Fast & Furious 6.

In the Star Trek universe, Zefram Cochrane, played by James Cromwell in the 1996 movie Star Trek: First Contact, made the first ever contact between humans and Vulcans on April 5, 2036 during the first ever warp flight from Earth. Do you have a theory about who these actors could be in the photo below? Let us know what you think, and leave a comment on Yomyomf.com for your chance to win some great Star Trek Beyond prizes.

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