Star Trek Beyond is currently shooting, and thus far, we've been treated to numerous behind-the-scenes videos in support of the Omaze charity initiative. The cast has used this opportunity to raise awareness for a variety of charities from set, and as co-writer and star Simon Pegg points out in this latest sneak peek, fans only have 48 hours left to donate. An added bonus, we get to see bloopers from all of the previous videos. And, a new alien is revealed!

Chris Pine, Zachary Quinto, Simon Pegg, Karl Urban, Zoe Saldana, Anton Yelchin and newcomer Idris Elba are all present in this latest look at the Starship Enterprise. Only this time, the gang is having a little too much fun as they flub their lines and miss their marks. If you fast forward to the 1:55 point, you'll even see the prosthetic head of an unidentified extraterrestrial who is making their debut in the rebooted franchise. One of the stage hands accidentally walks into view of the camera carrying the bust. He pauses, then slowly backs out of frame.

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This Star Trek 3 alien will feel somewhat familiar to some of you. But no alien race has been pinpointed yet. The being looks similar to the Talaxians, personified by Neelix in Star Trek: Voyager. The head ridge along the skull and cheekbones is similar. But the ears aren't quite right. The coloring of the skin is off. And most of the Talaxians have hair. Though, maybe this poor guy just doesn't have his sewn on yet.

In Star Trek Beyond, Kirk, Spock and the rest of the crew are deep into their 5 year mission to seek out new planets and lifeforms. And it's previously been teased that we will see some new aliens in the sequel. In fact, Sofia Boutella is playing one of these new aliens, which we saw in unsanctioned set footage that leaked two weeks ago. Perhaps what we're seeing here is a rebooted tweak on some form of life that we've previously been introduced to at some point in the long reaching TV and film franchise. Right now, we really don't know.

Idris Elba, seen out of costume in the Omaze videos, stars in Star Trek Beyond as the main villain. The identity of his character has yet to be revealed, but co-writer Simon Pegg, who is working alongside Doug Jung, has confirmed this character is definitely not a Klingon. Justin Lin is directing the movie, and we still know very little about the actual plot.

This latest Omaze video teases fans' chance to win a Captain's chair that comes with the scent of Chris Pine locked into its leather. Watch the video to find out what other kinds of cool prizes are being offered up, then visit Omaze to learn more about how you can contribute to one of the charities chosen by the Star Trek Beyond cast. The film is continuing to shoot into the fall, on location in Vancouver, British Columbia. It will be in theaters next summer. While we wait, take a look at this sneak peek. And let us know if you can figure out the alien's identity. We've collected all of the Omaze videos for you to watch here.

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