When Star Trek Beyond hits theaters next year, it will feature all the classic Star Trek characters, along with a few new additions as well, including two played by Idris Elba and Sofia Boutella. Screenwriter/star Simon Pegg confirmed that Idris Elba is playing someone who wasn't established in the original TV series or previous movies, describing it as a "kickass role." With production already under way on Star Trek Beyond, Idris Elba recently spoke with Metro (via Xpose.ie), where he confirms that he has a few scenes with Zachary Quinto's Spock. Here's what he had to say, confirming that he was a Trekkie while growing up.

"Almost everyone was a Trekkie, really, weren't they? I wouldn't say I was a hardcore one but I definitely watched that show a million times. Spock was probably my favourite character - and in this one I have some scenes with Zachary Quinto [who plays Spock]."
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It has been rumored that the Klingons, who were seen briefly in Star Trek Into Darkness, will play a major part in Star Trek Beyond. Though, Simon Pegg has stated that Idris Elba is not playing a Klingon. But, then again, the actor-writer also stated numerous times that Benedict Cumberbatch is not playing Khan in Star Trek Into Darkness, so anything is possible. Hopefully we'll find out more about who Idris Elba is playing as production continues. It is believed that he is one of the main villain.

Star Trek Beyond will finally start the U.S.S. Enterprise crew on their five-year mission, but very little is known about the story at this point. Justin Lin is directing the sci-fi movie sequel, which is believed to explore new worlds and alien species fans of the movies and TV shows haven't ever seen before. Are you excited that Idris Elba will interact with Spock in Star Trek Beyond?