Trek Movie has a new report out about the production schedule of Star Trek 3, which closely mirrors our recent /star-trek-3-shooting-release-date-2016/story that the sequel is gearing up for a spring 2015 start date and a summer 2016 release. They also have new plot details that explain where the franchise timeline is currently at.

According to new insider information, which comes directly from a source embedded deep within the Star Trek 3 production, this next sequel, to be directed by franchise mainstay Roberto Orci (making his directorial debut) will not pick-up immediately after the events of Star Trek Into Darkness. We've heard before that Star Trek 3 will begin the U.S.S. Enterprise's 5 year mission to explore strange new worlds and boldly go where no man has gone before. That's somewhat true. The movie will not start there, but instead take place way in the midst of the crew's 5 year mission. Perhaps a couple of years into it. Like the original 60s series, the story will act as one stand-alone episode from the many adventures that would have taken place over the course of this time.

While no other story details have been released, it is said that Captain Kirk and his crew will not return to earth at all during the course of the movie, with the adventure happening in deep space as previously reported. Earth has played an important role in the previous two films.

Trek Movie goes onto say that Paramount Pictures has welcomed the completed first draft screenplay from Roberto Orci, Patrick McKay and J.D. Payne with open arms, happy about the direction things are moving. Shooting is said to begin in February, 2015 (February 15, to be exact). Various summer 2016 release dates are currently being considered.

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The schedule for Star Trek 3 is said to be closely following Star Trek Into Darkness. It is noted that the film has not been officially green lit by Paramount, and won't be until a budget is finalized. Preproduction and pre-vis effects work is said to already be humming along, as the production conducts effects tests, and discusses wardrobe designs. There have even been cast discussions for new characters, according to this latest rumor.

Paramount currently has no comment.

B. Alan Orange at Movieweb
B. Alan Orange