Despite being one of the most popular science fiction franchises of all time, the future of the cinematic Star Trek universe remains uncertain. Following Star Trek Beyond star Simon Pegg's comments on the world of Trek might be better suited to the small screen, his co-star, Zachary Quinto, has now weighed in, saying that he and his fellow crew members would be thrilled to once again boldly go where no one has gone before in Star Trek 4.

"It's already thriving in the television format with Discovery and Picard and the spinoffs. I can't even keep track of how many new Star Trek stories are being told since our last film in 2016. All I know is that we, all of us, had an incredible experience making those films. If there is an appetite for more of those stories with us in them, I'm sure that we would all be thrilled to come back and do one more or whatever, but I'm not really attached to it anymore."
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Sadly, Zachary Quinto does confirm that he is no longer attached to the franchise anymore, though whether this means contractually or spiritually is unclear. Quinto continues to discuss Star Trek, with the actor waxing a tad philosophical about the whole thing, expressing that whilst he would love to return, the world of Star Trek will get on fine without him.

"I stepped away from any expectation or any real certainty that it's ever going to happen again. I think that's the only real way to move through the world, right? If it happens, that'd be great, but I'm not going to sit around waiting for it to happen. I have a ton of other stuff in my life, in my career. I have lifelong friendships from those films and working relationships and a lot of respect and fond memories, so if that's what it ends up being and I can look back on my life and say that's what it was, then that's incredible, and if we get to do more, that's also incredible. But as far as the stories go, they've been around for decades and generations, and I think that that will continue, whether or not we continue on with them."

While there is no confirmed plan for a fourth Star Trek movie at the moment, there is still hope for the franchise's return. Noah Hawley of Fargo and Legion is currently working on a script for a Star Trek movie, though it is unclear whether this will be a continuation of Simon Pegg's crew or a whole, new adventure. There have also been rumors swirling for years that Once Upon a Time in Hollywood's Quentin Tarantino has written a script for a presumably more violent Star Trek movie, though it is unlikely that we will ever have the pleasure of seeing that come to fruition.

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