Star TrekFans set sail with the USS Enterprise in overwhelming fashion in theaters and the trend continues on home video as well. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Star Trek easily swept all three of the home video charts this week, topping the DVD sales, rental and Blu-ray sales charts.

It was reported that the first-week sales for the J.J. Abrams film were upwards of 5.7 million total units sold, with 1.1 million of those sales in the Blu-ray format, a whopping 38% of the total sales. There wasn't much competition among new releases, with My Sister's Keeper debuting in third place in DVD sales and fourth place in rentals and the controversial Bruno bowing in fourth place in sales and third place in rentals.

All the hype surrounding the box office phenomenon The Twilight Saga: New Moon paid off for its predecessor, Twilight, on the DVD charts. The original film made a comeback on the DVD sales charts in fifth place.