Domain name registration by a major motion picture company is always a cause for concern in terms of big franchises, and it looks like Star Trek 2 has moved forward with securing its place on the Internet, here on the 46th Anniversary of Gene Roddenberry's celebrated sci-fi universe.

MarkMonitor, a popular domain registry, the same registry in fact that secured the title for Paramount Pictures' G.I. Joe Retaliation, has confirmed that both and www.startrekintodarknessmovie have been registered as Internet website domains.

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This, of course, has led to the speculation that the new title of Star Trek 2 is now Star Trek Into Darkness. The concern here is that there is no colon. Director J.J. Abrams means the title in a literal sense, in that our beloved group of characters will take a trek through the stars into darkness.

At this time, the title has been neither confirmed nor denied by the studio. Fans across the galaxy have called the title absolutely horrible. But is it any worse than the recent Paramount sequel titles Transformers: Dark of the Moon or Mission: Impossible Ghost Protocol? What do you guys think? Should this be the title? Should they ditch it before its too late? Or, it's Star Trek 2...Who cares?