Paramount Pictures has launched an official Facebook page for the highly-anticipated sequel Star Trek Into Darkness. The site has announced that the first trailer will be released once the page receives 500,000 "likes." Take a look at the message that was posted last night.

Star Trek Into Darkness Promo Art
"An exclusive trailer from Star Trek Into Darkness will be posted when we reach 500,000 likes! Share this to your friends! The fate of our page rests in your hands. Live long and prosper."
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The page also has a link to a contest where one lucky fan can win an all expenses paid trip to the Star Trek Into Darkness red carpet premiere in Hollywood, plus $60,000 in cash. The winners will be announced in April.

The website currently has over 5,600 likes at the moment, so there is some work to be done before this trailer is unveiled. CLICK HERE to add in your 'like' and get us closer to this footage. Or don't. (I don't care about Star Trek.)