Earlier today, the first full trailer was unleashed from Star Trek Into Darkness. Paramount Pictures has also launched a new viral website at AreYou1701.com, a website link which eagle-eyed viewers may have noticed in the new trailer. There is no content on the site yet, although you can enter your email address to sign up for updates. There is also a Facebook page and Twitter page set up for this viral site. Click on the banner below to visit the website, then read on for new details from cast members Benedict Cumberbatch and Alice Eve.

Star Trek Into Darkness Viral Website Photo

The trailer showcased new cast members Benedict Cumberbatch as John Harrison and Alice Eve as Carol Marcus. The actors recently sat down to discuss this highly-anticipated sequel from director J.J. Abrams, with Alice Eve revealing that the story is more than a good vs. evil tale.

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"I think the interesting thing about the film is it presents two moral structures. It isn't just as black and white as good vs. evil. It's which morality do you subscribe to? There are three-dimensional problems on either side. It has many layers of ethical and personal quandries that you come up against, that makes it less easy to walk away being clear about, 'I hate that man.'"

Benedict Cumberbatch also expanded on the moral gray areas this story presents.

"I think the gray moral areas are exacerbated by the metaphor of Starfleet being a superpower, being a force for the greater good. What Harrison brings into the world is the alternate idea of the underdog, and what he's fighting for. There are a lot of modern-day parallels, while the means may be abhorent and disgusting, the cause or the impetus is a noble one."

Alice Eve also talked more about her character Carol Marcus.

"I play Dr. Carol Marcus, who, as you know, was in the original series and in Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan. In that, obviously, she has Kirk's full-grown son, but that isn't necessarily the case here. She's obviously highly qualified, highly intelligent, a weapons expert. It's my version, and J.J.'s version, because J.J. split the universe in 2009, and allowed for any eventuality to happen in this new incarnation. There was an element of artistic license we were given."

Benedict Cumberbatch continued by bluntly saying that his character John Harrison is a terrorist.

"John Harrison is a terrorist. He's a homegrown terrorist. He's a one man weapon of mass destruction. He's incredibly adept at close-hand combat and weaponry, as well as psychological warfare. He's very smart, very quick. He's a warrior. He's not two-dimensional. There's a great deal of soul to him, and there's a really strong reason of why he leaves the trail of destruction and devastation."

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