As hard as it may be to believe, there's still a very real possibility that Quentin Tarantino directs a Star Trek Movie. We first head that this wild project might happen in December 2017 when it was revealed that Tarantino had a pitch for a movie set within that universe. J.J. Abrams took to the idea and it was brought to the folks at Paramount. It's been quietly in development ever since, with few official developments between then and now. Tarantino has provided an update personally and it sounds encouraging for those who would like to see this happen.

The filmmaker was recently interviewed in honor of The Hateful Eight miniseries that he personally helped edit for Netflix. During the conversation, Quentin Tarantino was asked if he really might make a Star Trek movie. According to him, after his latest movie Once Upon a Time in Hollywood is released this summer, they're going to circle back to it. Here's what Tarantino had to say about it.

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"It's a very big possibility. I haven't been dealing with those guys for a while 'cause I've been making my movie. But we've talked about a story and a script. The script has been written and when I emerge my head like Punxsutawney Phil, post- Once Upon a Time in Hollywood, we'll pick up talking about it again."

This is, to put it mildly, crazy. What we know for sure is that The Revenant screenwriter Mark L. Smith was tapped by the studio to write up a script based on Quentin Tarantino's idea. Apparently, that script is done and they're just waiting on Quentin Tarantino to have time to get around to it. If he likes what is on the page, per his new statement, this could very well be his next directorial effort.

There are a few implications if that does come to pass. For one, Star Trek 4, which would have seen Chris Hemsworth return to the franchise as Kirk's father, has been shelved, in part due to contract disputes. Paramount doesn't have a ton of franchises to work with and they aren't going to let one of the few they do have sit and collect dust. Especially if they can actually get the guy who made Pulp Fiction to direct a movie in said franchise.

Another, crucial point of emphasis is that Quentin Tarantino has insisted he will retire from directing movies after he's made ten. Once Upon a Time in Hollywood, which hits theaters in July, will be his ninth. That means, if this Star Trek movie, which will possibly be R-rated, does get made, it could very well be his final movie. Considering Tarantino has never taken on a franchise flick before, that would be a pretty amazing and unexpected note for him to go out on, should he stay true to his word. For now, we have more questions than answers, like if this movie would utilize the current cast or not, but this all could get really interesting. This news was first reported by Slash Film.