Star Trek fans are pretty divided in terms of how they feel about the current movie series that started with the J.J. Abrams reboot in 2009. Casual fans of the franchise and lovers of big, sci-fi movies in general seem to really enjoy the current movies, whereas a lot of die hard Trekkies definitely have their problems with it. One of the main problems Trekkies have with the new Star Trek movies is the somewhat messy timeline situation. It may not help a lot, but that timeline has finally been given on official title.

It wasn't Abrams, CBS or anyone on the marketing team for the Star Trek Beyond that finally decided to name the timeline for the current movies. It was the Star Trek Online video game that gets the credit, and they have dubbed it "The Kelvin Timeline." Here is what the post had to say about the timeline.

"The sheer destruction from the Hobus supernova has weakened the barrier between our reality and one strangely similar to our own, leaving a strange temporal anomaly in its wake. This anomaly serves as a gateway between our universe... and a quantum universe both similar and different to our own. Inter-dimensional travel between these two realms is now a possibility... as the crew of the U.S.S. Kelvin found out to their dismay..."

Because the name was given to this particular section of Star Trek history by the team behind the video game, that makes it an official part of the history of Star Trek, because the game is officially licensed and sanctioned content. Star Trek Online takes place roughly 30 years after the events of Star Trek: Nemesis, so the game takes place in the more traditional timeline associated with Star Trek. As for why it was named "The Kelvin Timeline," the post references the U.S.S. Kelvin, which was the ship featured in the opening sequence of the 2009 Star Trek movie that was destroyed by the Romulan ship. That is the moment that pretty much kicked off the alternate timeline, so it makes sense to name it as such.

The name Kelvin is not only synonymous with the current Star Trek movies, but also with most of Abrams work in general. The director likes to use the name as a way to honor his grandfather Henry Kelvin. In Star Wars: The Force Awakens, there was Kelvin Ridge and in Star Trek: Into Darkness, there as the Kelvin Memorial Archive, which was fairly central to the plot. So it seems extra appropriate that the timeline that was created by Abrams goes by that name.

Both of the Star Trek movies in the current series were very successful, despite how some more long time fans may feel about how certain aspects of the franchise are being handled, like the alternate timeline. J.J. Abrams did not return to direct the upcoming Star Trek Beyond, because he was tied up with Star Wars, but Justin Lin took over directing duties for the upcoming installment. Either way, it is still part of the newly named Kelvin Timeline, and we can probably expect another namedrop for Kelvin in there somewhere. Star Trek Beyond is set for a July 22 release.

Ryan Scott at Movieweb
Ryan Scott