Paramount Home Entertainment is going to be making history in November.

In a story from Home Media Magazine, Star Trek: The Original Series - Season One will be released on HD-DVD Nov. 20.

This 10 disc set "will come in the HD-DVD/DVD combo format, with the high-def version on one side and standard-def on the other."

Currently, "all 79 episodes from the seminal 1966-69 sci-fi series are being upgraded with digital transfers of the original negatives, as well as new computer-generated visual effects."

Due to "the increased capacity of the HD-DVD format also allows for some innovative, interactive bonus materials."

One feature in particular "puts viewers in control of a virtual shuttlecraft, allowing them to fly around the starship Enterprise and see the exterior of the famed ship up close."

In addition to this there "are 8mm behind-the-scenes home movies shot by original series actor Billy Blackburn, who appeared in several episodes as a background extra."

According to Blackburn, "the footage ranges from Trek star William Shatner mugging for the camera, to some unfortunate encounters with goats painted green and blue."

There is also "another feature" that "lets viewers to select icons that pop up on the side of the screen to reveal more information about the episode being watched. This includes interviews, behind-the-scenes analysis, side-by-side comparisons with the original version, and trivia."

However, even if you don't go the HD-DVD route, "the standard-def versions will include many of the featurettes, as well as the Blackburn home movies."

Currently, there is talk of bringing out Star Trek: The Original Series - Season One on Blu-ray disc, as well as "upgrading Star Trek: The Next Generation but nothing has been finalized."

Star Trek: The Original Series - Season One on HD-DVD will sell for $217.99.