It seems we maybe haven't seen the last of James T. Kirk in the Star Trek universe. At the very least, the door is cracked open for William Shatner to reprise his iconic role, under the right circumstances. What precisely that would look like remains to be seen, but Shatner isn't interested in coming back for a full-on Krik spin-off series.

William Shatner is currently promoting the release of his show UnXplained, the non-fiction series that he hosts. During a recent interview, Shatner was asked about making a possible return to the Star Trek universe as Captain Kirk. While no such plans are in place currently, Shatner said that he's open to it. Here's what he had to say about it.

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'If they wrote it and it made reasonable sense then I'd love to [revive Captain Kirk]. I wouldn't do a series. If the role was written properly and it wasn't a cameo or gratuitous; being there just to show my face, I wouldn't do that."


Patrick Stewart recently made an unexpected return as Captain Picard in Star Trek: Picard, which is currently gearing up for season 2. While a show like that centered on Captain Kirk might seem to make sense, William Shatner doesn't seem interested in putting a new show on his shoulders. Shatner also said that he hasn't been approached to appear in the show, nor had he seen it. That's not to say he couldn't be approached and a guest-starring role on Picard might be a good way to bring Kirk back into the fold.

That is but one option. Currently, the franchise is enjoying a moment of prosperity. Several shows, such as Discovery and the recently announced spin-off centered on Captain Pike, are in the works for CBS All Access. It also seems extremely likely that Paramount Pictures will be making another movie at some point. Star Trek 4 has had trouble getting off the ground, but Noah Hawley (Fargo) was recently brought on board to develop a new feature. Quentin Tarantino has also been working on a possible R-rated Star Trek movie, though he probably wouldn't direct if the project moves forward. Shatner, for what it may be worth, had expressed his desire to appear in Tarantino's movie.

William Shatner originated the role of Captain Kirk on Star Trek in 1966. He reprised the part in several movies over the years and was last seen in 1994's Generations. There was some talk of having Shatner appear as Kirk in J.J. Abrams' 2009 reboot. Even though Leonard Nimoy appeared as Spock, it didn't come to pass. Shatner has remained busy in the years since leaving the franchise behind, but Kirk remains by far his most well known role to date. It would undoubtedly be a huge boost for fans to get Shatner back for one last go-around. This news comes to us via Metro.

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