Star Wars: Episode III: A scooper sent in some info that hit The today about the current filming going on at the Fox Studios complex in Austrailia:

"I was out at Fox last week and the security surrounding the episode 3 shoot is totally unprecedented. They've fenced off all the soundstages they're using with a two metre high concrete and wire fence, separating it from the other backstage sections (like the offices and other production companies)... something even the ultra-secretive Matrix didn't even do". Meanwhile the Star Wars Insider #69 has some new details about the script, mostly what we can and can't expect in regards to several aspects- "Anakin Skywalker won't have a beard in Episode III. Yoda's homeworld or species will not be revealed. No rematch between Yoda and Dooku though both will have their own fights. Temuera Morrison won't be seen as a clone trooper. No extra shots of Natalie Portman will be put in the classic trilogy"
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Thanks to TFN and DH for the scoop!