Back in February, long before Girls star Adam Driver was officially cast in Star Wars: Episode VII, it was rumored that he is playing the bad guy, described in the same vein as iconic Star Wars villain Darth Vader. Since none of the cast members' characters have ever been officially confirmed, many just assumed that Adam Driver is playing a Sith or other equally evil rogue. But today we have new photos from the set that appear to prove that is not the case.

Facebook user Rick Lawrence posted a number of photos from England, one of which appears to be a long-distance, blurry shot of Adam Driver wearing an X-Wing pilot uniform. The photos also appear to include John Boyega and Gwendoline Christie, but they are too blurry to tell for sure. Take a look at the images below, then read on for more details.

We reported in May that Adam Driver may be playing the son of Harrison Ford's Han Solo. While he is not a Sith Lord, as originally rumored, this earlier report claims that the character will be pulled in by The Dark Side, with the main thrust of the story revolving around the original cast trying to save this character.

Badass Digest offers a number of theories as to why Adam Driver may be wearing an X-Wing pilot uniform, since they believe he is in fact a villain. The site theorizes that X-Wing pilots may be the new bad guys, since the lines are being blurred between the Empire and the Rebel Alliance. Another possibility is this character could be using the uniform to sneak onto a rebel base, or he could be one of the four major X-Wing pilots instead of the villain everyone thinks he is.

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Some believe that director J.J. Abrams, knowing there were paparazzi hanging around the set, had Adam Driver climb into an X-Wing pilot uniform to throw off scoop hounds.

In related news, Making Star Wars has a brief video from the set, which is taken from very far away. While you can't see a lot of the action unfold, first assistant director Tommy Gormley is heard saying John Boyega's name. CLICK HERE to check out the brief video.

Making Star Wars also found a number of set photos that reveal sights leading to the "Endor Base," although it isn't clear if the actual planet of Endor will be seen in the film. It's possible that "Endor Base" is just a name for one of the base camps on the set, but we don't know for sure. At any rate, check out the photos below.

We also have clarification on another rumor that surfaced in August, when WWE Superstar Sheamus (a.k.a. Stephen Farrelly) posted a number of photos from the same location Star Wars: Episode VII was shooting at the time. Since the wrestler previously played Darth Vader in a promotional tour for Star Wars: Episode I - The Phantom Menace, some fans thought those photos hinted he may be playing Darth Vader in the sequel. The National caught up with the wrestler recently, who put those rumors to rest.

"That was crazy. Basically I went home to Ireland and the crew were filming quite close to me at the time, then all these mad rumours started flying around. I definitely haven't received a contract, a helmet or a lightsaber yet, but who knows? It might come through the door. I hope it does."

And finally, U.K. tabloid The Mirror is reporting that major stars such as Samuel L. Jackson, Daniel Craig, Robert Downey Jr. and Hugh Jackman have visited the set and were given brief cameo roles in the film. Naturally, this rumor hasn't been confirmed, but Daniel Craig is gearing up to shoot Bond 24 at Pinewood Studios, where Star Wars: Episode VII is being shot, and Samuel L. Jackson is also in London to shoot Tarzan, so it's possible they may have visited the set.

Stay tuned for more updates as production continues.