Longtime fans of director J.J. Abrams will likely know that he casts his old childhood friend Greg Grunberg in most of his movies and TV shows. Many have wondered whether or not the actor will appear in the highly-anticipated Star Wars: Episode VII, which is currently in production, but now that speculation can be put to rest.

Earlier today, Greg Grunberg confirmed on his Twitter page that he does, in fact, have a role in Star Wars: Episode VII, although he naturally wouldn't give any details about who he is playing.

Greg Grunberg, who is best known for playing Matt Parkman on NBC's Heroes, started acting in home movies made by J.J. Abrams when they were kids. He went on to star in J.J. Abrams-created shows such as Felicity and Alias, and he also played the Oceanic 815 pilot in Lost's pilot episode. On the feature side, Greg Grunberg played Kevin in J.J. Abrams' feature directorial debut Mission: Impossible III, and he voiced the angry stepfather to a young James Kirk in Star Trek. He was also spotted as a TV actor in the background of Super 8, but Greg Grunberg did not appear in last year's Star Trek Into Darkness.

Who do you think Greg Grunberg should play in Star Wars: Episode VII? Chime in with your thoughts below. Greg Grunberg most recently had an arc on the Showtime series Masters of Sex.