A group of Bothan spies have pulled off an incredible job, retrieving some truly beautiful new concept artwork from Star Wars: Episode VII that proves a lot of the recent rumors to be true while giving us a good look at some of the character designs, specifically the main villain and Daisy Ridley, along with a look at her rumored home and some of the vehicles that will be utilized throughout this epic space adventure. This latest art also gives us a good look at some of the aliens and ideas being put on display in December 2015.

Suffice it to say, this story contains some MAJOR SPOILERS so tread carefully. This is a pretty big reveal, and J.J. Abrams is probably on the hunt to have someone fired today. A source from Star Wars Underworld's claims that these images are legit, and they do line up with a lot of the unconfirmed spoilers that have hit the Internet hard.

One of the images appears to be a perfect match for the Greenham Common set, which was photographed earlier this year by drone pilots where the Millennium Falcon and other ships were seen outside. This location appears to be a hangar for Rebel ships, and it has also been rumored to be the Massassi Temple. We have already seen the concept art of the cyborg holding Darth Vader's helmet, but this illustration gives us a much better look. Is that Luke Skywalker hiding under that mask? It might be if we're to believe leaked script details.

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The image of what appears to be Daisy Ridley's character Kira wielding a lightsaber does match up with a report from earlier this month that sheds new light on the character's relationship with Max von Sydow's character, who is said to be an older cyborg who recognizes the lightsaber Kira finds and helps propels the story forward. We have also seen the chrome Stormtroopers before, and this concept art also shows us what appears to be Tatooine, which has already been confirmed as one of the locations. We also get to see Chewbacca with his bionic hand, a rumor that stretches back quite a few months.

While Star Wars Underworld claims that these are legit images, it's also entirely possible that these are fan-made, inspired by the countless rumors that have surfaced since production started earlier this year. Do you think these are the real deal? Chime in with your thoughts below.

To see more art that is not included in these following tweets, which bring a look at some of the new aliens and droids: CLICK HERE