Is this what J.J. Abrams meant when he said Star Wars: Episode VII will be a less secretive affair than his previous movies? Confirmed LucasFilm production staff member Rey-Phillip Santos has reportedly uploaded both a video and a new photo that is rumored to be from the set of this upcoming sequel set in a galaxy far, far away. Though, that has not been confirmed by LucasFilm or Disney. The video is believed to feature star Daisy Ridley flying through the air as part of some elaborate lightsaber duel stunt, and if it is truly her, we get the distinct feeling that she may just be a Jedi. Watch her hit the ground really hard, over and over again. Then there is the somewhat washed out photo of a new alien marked with the hashtag: #darkside. Check it out, are they real or fake?

Star Wars Episode VII Set Photo
B. Alan Orange at Movieweb
B. Alan Orange