A video was posted and quickly deleted from Youtube today that claims to contain the first actual footage from Star Wars: Episode VII. After all the concept art and set photos that have hit the internet in recent months, it's quite possible that this is very real. Especially with the swiftness with which it was removed from the Internet.

There's also the possibility that it is fake. A Walt Disney watermark in the middle of the footage leads to it's authenticity, and it does (sort of) match up with rumored story details that have leaked on various sites. The footage claims to contain our first look at Luke Skywalker's home on Skellig Michael Island. We see the hooded Jedi traversing the unique and very rocky landscape to enter a cave, which is called Luke's Refuge in the possibly leaked footage.

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If this is indeed Mark Hamill, we never actually see his face as he remains hooded throughout the duration of the footage. It's also possible that this is test footage, or teaser trailer footage shot not using the actor. TechnoBuffalo, who first discovered the video reports that:

"It is shot on a cell phone looking at a computer screen, so the clarity is not the best. From the lighting and quickness of the images, this feels more like test footage than final shots for the film."

This could also be an elaborate hoax concocted by someone visiting the area, or who lives near Skellig Michael Island. Previous reports had Daisy Ridley and Mark Hamill shooting in this location, which would match up with reports that Daisy's character, rumored to be named Kira, finds the Jedi here after a long search. We've also heard that this location serves as the home world of the Sith, which doesn't quite make sense if it's also supposed to be the refuge of an aged Luke Sykwalker.

While the footage is no longer available, here are images from the leaked scene:

B. Alan Orange at Movieweb
B. Alan Orange