More than three months have passed since the first trailer was released for Disney's highly-anticipated Star Wars: The Force Awakens, and yet, there is still very little we know about the characters in this highly-anticipated adventure. Several of the character's names were released in December, but that has only left fans clamoring for even more information about this new adventure in a galaxy far, far away. Making Star Wars has a new report, which even they can't confirm is authentic or not, that drops a number of details on several of the main characters. If these details do prove to be true, there will be MASSIVE SPOILERS throughout the rest of this story, so read on at your own risk.

Daisy Ridley is playing the main female character, Rey, who was seen taking off on an odd-shaped speeder in the first trailer. There has been plenty of speculation as to who Rey really is in Star Wars: The Force Awakens, but this report claims that she is actually the daughter of Han Solo (Harrison Ford) and Leia (Carrie Fisher). Both Rey and Luke Skywalker (Mark Hamill) reportedly go into hiding at the exact same time. She has been tasked with protecting a lightsaber that, "can open a proverbial Pandora's Box of evil." The main villain, Kylo Ren, the mysterious cloaked figure with the unique lightsaber in the trailer, has been collecting a number of artifacts, to try and determine which of these will open said Pandora's Box, which is a Sith tomb that Luke doesn't know how to open, but Kylo Ren does.

Luke, on the other hand, has been tasked with guarding this tomb, and has put himself into self-exile. Inside the tomb lies "the body of an ancient evil being," and Luke has to remain guarding this tomb, despite being haunted and tormented by numerous evil spirits. Luke is said to be in exile throughout most of the story. There were earlier reports that Rey and Finn (John Boyega) find the lightsaber, which they learn belongs to Luke Skywalker and leads them to Han Solo. Making Star Wars' source claims that the lightsaber is what brings Rey and Finn together, but also that Han is extremely reluctant to let his daughter be a part of this plan. It was also noted that Rey is in love with X-Wing pilot Poe Dameron (Oscar Isaac), although Han does not approve of this relationship either. When Han Solo reveals that Rey is actually his daughter, this comes as a surprise to both Poe and Finn, hinting that Han Solo may now be known throughout the galaxy.

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There is hardly any information out there about who Domhnall Gleeson is playing, but this new rumor claims he was a Rebel for many years, and the son of "a huge character," although he defected to the Empire after learning that The Rebels were building a new secret weapon. His character is tasked with hunting down the AWOL Stormtrooper Finn, while conducting a secret mission to "destroy both super weapons of the Empire and the Rebels" at the same time. Gwendoline Christie's character is Domhnall Gleeson's "lead shock trooper," who is also hunting Finn. She is described as a "chrome trooper" with a black and red cape, who uses a lightsaber and kills at random. Her face is heavily scarred and she sports a military haircut. She also has the ability to "cloak herself," which she does twice in the movie.

As for Finn, his family was murdered by the Empire, and forced into recruitment to become a Stormtrooper, along with his best friend, who is killed in front of Finn in the movie's opening sequence. The best friend is rumored to be played by Pip Anderson, and shortly after this scene, Finn meets his new lifelong best friend, Poe Dameron. They both end up in an Imperial brig after getting caught committing some sort of crime. Finn isn't an immediate fan of Poe, until he quickly comes up with a plan to steal a TIE Fighter. Rey is also present, stealing a key card from a guard to break them out. They all escape on the TIE Fighter, although it crashes, leaving Finn injured. The injury does line up with a previous report about how Finn ends up in a "Wagon Speeder." This source also describes a bar scene where Finn deflects laser blasts with a lightsaber, which Rey thinks could mean that Finn has found his true calling. However, Finn is a complete pacifist, but these events will set him on a path to "defend the ones he loves."

This report also falls in line with earlier rumors about Max von Sydow's character, who is said to be a former Rebel Alliance veteran who is now an antiquities dealer. He tells Rey that the crystal inside their lightsaber can open the tomb Luke is guarding, which is why it is so important. The lightsaber is also being hidden inside the ball droid BB-8, which also contains "information vital to the rebllion." Rey also finds out that she was put into hiding with the lightsaber crystal and forced to use a fake name, to disassociate herself from her father and his old friend Luke Skywalker. Rey is reportedly upset when she finds out that Max von Sydow's character was in on this "ruse," and that he was watching over her this whole time.

Of course, none of these details have been confirmed, although parts of this report fall in line with previous rumors, while others do not. That being said, none of the previous reports were ever confirmed as being authentic, so it's really anybody's guess as to what's true and what's not. Even still, these details, true or false, do set up some intriguing possibilities for Star Wars: The Force Awakens and beyond. What do you think of this new information?