Star Wars Celebration kicks off in just 24 hours, and for some, the anticipation of new Star Wars: The Force Awakens footage and photos is too much to take. Very soon, we will have a new trailer, poster and a look at the original cast's return. But in the meantime, we may have a pretty cool SPOILER (read no further if you want to avoid) for those who are so inclined. Making Star Wars claims to know every single character that has shot a scene for the new movie.

It isn't officially known exactly what director J.J. Abrams and producer Kathleen Kennedy have planned for Star Wars Celebration tomorrow. But whatever it is will be heard around the world with a sonic blast big enough to blow apart the Death Star. Even with some of the original cast in tow, including Carrie Fisher, Mark Hamill and Anthony Daniels (Harrison Ford is still recovering from his plane crash, but he could surprise us all!), it's doubtful we'll hear anything as in-depth as this character list.

It brings some spoilers for sure, such as the fact that Leia is now a Queen. A lot of the character titles, such as Rose (Lupita Nyong'o) and Uber (Andy Serkis), are suspected to be code names. And while we've long known that Daisy Ridley is playing Rey, the production has constantly referred to this particular character as Kira. It isn't known if Kira is a code name, or if the character has a name switch once she learns her true destiny. Her is the character list:

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Han Solo

(Queen) Leia

Luke Skywalker

Rey (Kira)


Kylo Ren

Poe Dameron



C-3PO (See-Threepio)

The General (Gleeson)

Uber (Serkis)

R2-D2 (Artoo-Detoo)


Wounded Stormtrooper (Village)

The Vicar

Junk Dealer

Junk Minion 1

Snowtrooper #12 (Falcon)

Salvage Station Bully (Desert Set)

Scared Villager

Captain Phasma

Star Destroyer Colonel

Rose's Pub Barman (C049)

Evil Castle Teach #1

Brance (Rebel)

Rebel 1 Major Ematt

Rebel 2 Captain Trilla

Rebel Admiral

Evil Castle Officer #1

Evil Castle Officer #2

Gorwyn (Rebel Pilot)

Rebel Pilot #1 (Duncan)

Evil Castle Tech (Weapons)

Stormtrooper #1 (Village)

Star Destroyer Bridge Teach #2

Stormtrooper 2 (Village)

Gang member Mod #1

Gang member Rocker #1

"Bus Stop" Mother

"Bus Stop" Son

Lieutenant Mitaka



Naka (Flashback)

Local Trader (Flashback)

Young Luke Skywalker (Flashback)

Stormtrooper #10

Rebel Pilot

Rebel Pilot N.N.

Rebel Pilot #3


Rebel Tech #1

Rebel Tech #2

Captain Trilla

Stormtrooper #11

Stormtrooper #3 (Kylo Ren's Request)

Stormtrooper #5 (Woods)

Snowtrooper #7 (Snow Steal)

Stormtrooper #8 (Door to Ramparts)

Evil Castle Tech (Scared)

Star Destroyer Bridge Tech #1

Star Destroyer Technician

Evil Castle Tech #4

Evil Castle Tech #5

Salvage Station Bully 2

Gang Member Rocker #2

Rose's Pub Patron #1

Rose's Pub Patron #2

Rose's Pub Patron #3

Fat Cat (Flashback)

Gangsters Mill

Rebel Tech #3

Dr. Kalonia

Rebel Tech. #4


Chewbacca Photo Duble

Han Solo Stunt Double

Kira/Rey Stunt Double

Finn Stunt Double

Kylo Ren Stunt Double

Poe Dameron Stunt Double

Chewbacca Stunt Double

Vicar Stunt Double

Star Destroyer Colonel Stunt Double

So, we'll get to see a third Death Star? Maybe. And what is up with the 'Bus Stop' mother and child? Making Star Wars claims this is in reference to a mother and child that Rey watches for a brief moment. Their role is fleeting, and it is speculated that the scene shows how much Rey longs for her own mother. Who may be a queen! Stay tuned, tomorrow is going to be epic if you're a Star Wars fan!

B. Alan Orange at Movieweb
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