Just in case this is 100% right, be warned, there is a massive SPOILER for Star Wars: The Force Awakens contained within this story. That said. We believe it is 100% wrong. Sure, we don't know the last names of Rey or Finn. And we don't know Kylo Ren's real name at all, since that is a title handed down to him by the Knights of Ren. It's possible that any one of these three characters are related to someone in the Star Wars universe. And they all three could have strong connections to the past. But one character in particular may be related to someone that will surprise you. As we haven't heard this at all, yet!

There is a puzzle being sold on Amazon right now. And the description claims that Finn, the character played by John Boyega, is actually...Wait for it...The son of Lando Calrissian! Is this true? Is it even possible? Well, considering the facts and what we know so far, there will have to be one giant Force coincidence that makes this true.

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As far as we know, Billy Dee Williams is not in the movie. During production last year, he said he wasn't showing up. But he might return in Star Wars: Episode VIII or Star Wars: Episode IX. The Malt Liquor spokesman did reprise his role as Lando in Star Wars Rebels, voicing a much younger version of the character. But there are a few reasons why we think this latest rumor story is 100% wrong.

First of all, while the seller claims this is coming from 'Disney Lucas Films Ltd.', this is an item being sold by a private collector on Amazon and is not affiliated with the studio at all. They wrote the script here. Nowhere on the puzzle box does it say this is Finn Calrissian, though that does have a nice ring to it when you say it out loud. And this information hasn't been revealed anywhere else except this page from this private seller. We may be wrong, but we believe the seller has no idea what they are talking about. And they are simply assuming that Finn is Lando's son, because there can't possibly be more than one African-American family tree in outer space, right? (Though, these characters are all technically aliens that live in a galaxy that is very far away from Africa and America.) The seller could have just as easily assumed that Finn was Mace Windu's long lost grandson, giving him a Jedi connection. Which would make sense, since we always see him holding Luke's old blue lightsaber.

The other thing that makes this seem very suspicious is that it's long been rumored that Rey is either the daughter of Han Solo and Princess Leia, or the daughter of Luke Skywalker. It's heavily speculated that she is a Jedi, something that was revealed by an official Topps card game. Neither Finn nor Rey know each other, and meet for the first time in Star Wars: The Force Awakens. What kind of wicked coincidence would it be that these two strangers have parents with such close ties? It's a plot point that would probably confuse and upset a lot of fans. Though, maybe Rey isn't really part of the Skywalker bloodline at all, even if her story seems to mirror that of Luke's.

No one else selling this particular puzzle is calling Finn a Calrissian. We think this is just a seller trying to get some attention for his overpriced puzzle. And it worked! Now we all know about it. What do you think? Do you believe Finn and Lando are related? We sure don't. Perhaps we won't learn the truth until December 18.