Warning! Not only will this next story include plenty of SPOILERS, it should be noted that ever since director J.J. Abrams gave validity to some of the rumors floating around the internet about Star Wars: The Force Awakens, some folks have felt the need to feed more erroneous information to the masses. So while some of this story may be true, it may also contain false details. Either way, we've heard in the past that there will be flashbacks in Star Wars 7. New rumors have come to light that explain exactly what those flashbacks entail, and they do include a young Luke Skywalker. We also have more details about Luke and Rey's quest in the movie, and the rumor of an important addition to the cast. Are you ready to learn more about this epic sci-fi adventure heading our way in December?

All of the following information comes courtesy of Making Star Wars. And it won't be until after the movie hits theaters that we learn just how hit or miss their information is. We begin with the casting of Robert Boulter. It has long been rumored that Star Wars: The Force Awakens was looking for a young Luke Skywalker, and this relative newcomer, known for indie cult favorite Donkey Punch, is whom they have chosen. It makes since, as he looks quite a bit like Mark Hamill. Young Luke, it is reported, is often referenced in the Star Wars: The Force Awakens screenplay as 'The Young Original Warrior'.

Robert Boulter is expected to play Luke Skywalker in events that take place shortly after Star Wars: Episode VI - Return of the Jedi. The flashback is 'pivotal' to the storyline of this new film. And adding validity to the flashbacks is that some extras have already credited themselves with appearing in these important scenes. In the screenplay, Han Solo (Harrison Ford) arrives at Rose's Pub with newcomers Rey (Daisy Ridley) and Finn (John Boyega). Rose is believed to be played by Lupita Nyong'o, and may either be a human Jedi or a puppet like Yoda. She tells them of a time when Luke Skywalker and R2D2 return to the Jedi Academy to find dead bodies. Here is the flashback scene in chronological Order:

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Luke and R2D2 find the deceased at the Jedi Academy, promting Luke to flee as he leaves his atromech droid behind, which makes R2 very sad.

A new character named Naka is revealed as the person who took the lightsaber discovered at the bringing of the movie by Finn and Rey. As we've heard before, he is in a 'savannah' enivroment. He is described as a peasant who drops the lightsaber and starts a fire with it. He flees in a panic.

A local trader is seen making a sale to a wealthy man before making his exit.

A fierce battle takes place at night in an undisclosed location between two groups known as 'The Clan' and 'The Seven' The Clan uses lighsabers against their enemies.

When the last man has fallen, Kylo Ren appears to approach Rey.

The final shot shows The Seven looting in search of an object. Rose is shown in the foreground holding a lightsaber.

These flashbacks return to present day, where the lightsaber is returned to Rey and Finn by Rose. While Rey is repulsed by the weapon, Finn is attracted to its power. Rose knows that the lightsaber came to her because of Rey. Soon, Kylo Ren arrives at Rose's Pub with a crew of stormtroopers, who attack. Rose fights them off with her Jedi abilities. If you're confused by the Flashback, don't worry. It will all make sense when you see the film. According to various sources, Luke begins a new Jedi Academy shortly after Star Wars: Episode VI - Return of the Jedi. Previous story rumors claim that Kylo Ren is looking for Jedi artifacts to open an ancient Sith tomb. An important object is believed to be hidden in the Academy, and that is why The Seven arrive there to loot the place.

Its believed that Luke Skywalker has gone AWOL to protect the Sith Tomb, knowing that many throughout the galaxy are looking to obtain its contents. Knowing that it can never be opened, Luke tries at all costs to protect it. Because he has gone away from his friends to protect the tomb, its speculated that Mark Hamill will actually have limited screen time. Its believed that he won't even show up until the final moments of the movie, when Rey, Finn, BB-8 and Chewbacca fly the Millennium Falcon to a far away planet to return the mysterious lightsaber to him. By this point, if we're too believe previous rumors, Kylo Ren has beheaded Han Solo. It is said that the majority of Luke Skywalker's story arc is actually being saved, and will play into Star Wars: Episode VIII in a major way, which hits screens in 2017.

It should be noted that Mark Hamill was on set all throughout last summer during filming, so maybe his role is more than just a cameo. But there does seem to be some important pieces to this giant puzzle taking shape with this latest information. What do you think? Does any of this make sense? Does it sound like what you want to see in Star Wars: The Force Awakens? Here is a photo of Robert Boulter next to a young Luke Skywalker:

Young Luke Skywalker
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