If you've watched any of Harrison Ford's more recent movies, you'll notice that he's taken to delivering a growly baritone. When it came time to reprise his role as Han Solo in Star Wars: The Force Awakens, though, director J.J. Abrams specifically asked the actor not to bring that low, mumbly voice to the set. And guess what? The actor complied! About his return as the iconic space pirate in what will be Han Solo's fourth movie, J.J. Abrams says that the legendary star was very enthusiastic:

"[He] was excited to get back in those shoes again, which was really interesting because I thought he hadn't been a fan. I kept hearing those rumors when I was a kid. I knew that he had done in some movies a kind of more growly thing, and I didn't want Han to be growly. There was a fire in his eyes that you see in the movie."

J.J. Abrams notes that Harrison Ford seemed to slip seamlessly back into his scoundrel persona. And it helped rebuild the universe original fans remember so fondly. This was also helped along by practical effects. One scene of note features a Jawa-like creature that pops out of the desert sands of Jakku. About bringing a more realistic approach to some of the creatures in the movie, J.J. Abrams says:

"It was a classic, old-school seesaw puppet. We just buried it in the sand, and Neal Scanlan, the creature guy, pushed down on one side and the thing came up on the other side. It's so old-school and crazy. We could improve this thing, but at some point do we lose the wonderful preposterousness?"

More will be revealed from the set soon when Vanity Fair releases its Star Wars: The Force Awakens themed issue digitally on May 7. This will be followed by the newsstand edition on May 12. Can you wait that long to see and learn more about this highly anticipated sequel?

B. Alan Orange