Whether it has been in photos or one of the three Star Wars: The Force Awakens trailers released, we've seen all of the returning characters from the original Star Wars trilogy. Except one. Master Jedi Luke Skywalker has not appeared in any official capacity. And as we expected, that is on purpose. When will we see Mark Hamill return in his most iconic role? Not until the film is released in theaters, hints J.J. Abrams.

While some people are completely caught up on the entire backstory of The Force Awakens, there are a number of fans who have not read any of the rumors or casting for the movie. They are relying solely on the marketing push for the film. This has caused some confusion, as there are, believe it or not, fans in the world who think that Kylo Ren is going to be revealed as Luke Skywalker. Anyone who has read the Vanity Fair article knows this is not true. Adam Driver plays the Darth Vader obsessed bad guy set on carrying out his plan for the original Death Star. Also, have you seen Mark Hamill lately? Sure, he was put on an intensive training program, but he still has the body of a 60 year-old man. While Adam Driver and his dark Ren Knight have the slender physique of a recent former Marine. Trust us when we tell you Kylo Ren and Luke Skywalker are not the same person.

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So, where is Luke Skywalker, then? There have been plenty of rumors in regards to his whereabouts. And recent shoots on Ireland's Skellig Michael Island seem to back up claims that the Jedi is in seclusion. But we won't truly know until December 17. When asked by The Associate Press why we haven't seen Mark Hamill yet, J.J. Abrams had one very simple statement to make, which indicates that there will be no new Luke Skywalker toys until the week before Christmas.

"It's no accident."

A lot of fans truly believe Luke has gone to the darkside, and that's why we haven't seen him. Though, a leaked photo of Luke Skywalker's return (which we can't show you here) has the Master Jedi in white robes rocking a style reminiscent of Obi-Wan Kenobi. He seems peaceful and nonviolent like Old Ben. It has been confirmed that the blue lightsaber we've seen Finn (John Boyega) wield in the trailers is the exact lightsaber that used to belong to Anakin Skywalker. It was passed down to Luke by Obi-Wan, but the younger Skywalker lost it during his battle against Vader on Cloud City. The rumor is that Finn and Rey discover the lightsaber and set out to return it to its rightful owner before the memorabilia collecting Kylo Ren can get his hands on it.

In this latest interview, J.J. Abrams also reveals that the final cut of Star Wars: The Force Awakens is still being worked on. Though, it may be ready soon. There are still plenty of VFX work that needs to be completed, indicating that the film isn't all practical effects as Disney and Lucasfilm desperately want you to believe. There is at least another month or more of hardcore work that needs to be completed before this masterpiece is locked, loaded and ready to rock your face off. Another aspect that is not completed yet is the Star Wars: The Force Awakens score by John Williams. J.J. Abrams explains.

"The visual effects process goes on for so long. My guess is that we will be doing visual effects for the next three or four weeks. The final cut will be done before then. We're working on the cut, going over visual effects. We still have another scoring session with John Williams, who is a god when it comes to music. It's an ongoing surreal experience, and I just cannot wait for the movie to be out in the world. We were all thrilled that the trailer was seen, and embraced, especially by people who said they were not really fans of Star Wars. But they're interested in seeing it now. It's a testament to all the amazing work this cast and crew have done in rolling out the movie the way they have."

So, we'll have to wait until December 17 to find out exactly what happen to Luke some 30 years after he saved his father's soul. Is he controlling Kylo Ren? Did he really succumb to the dark side? Or will he rejoin the resistance? We have no idea, and it should be one of the film's biggest surprises. We can predict, though, that the Master Jedi will now garner the most applause on opening night, no matter how he makes his gran entrance.