As the months pass by, the wait for Star Wars: The Force Awakens keeps getting shorter and shorter. We're now a mere 11 months away from seeing the original cast back on the big screen in an all-new adventure. But before that actually happens, we're going to continue to get reports about the characters, what they look like 30 years on in life, and what they are doing in this latest franchise sequel for Disney and LucasFilm. Today, we get our first sorta-look at Princess Leia's costume. Someone at Making Star Wars claims to have seen a promo photo featuring Carrie Fisher in character, and an artist sketch has been rendered based on that.

The photo in question is reportedly in line with some of the set photos from the original trilogy, which showed Carrie Fisher goofing off with Peter Mayhew on set. It is a publicity photo that is meant to mirror those past images for nostalgia purposes, and finds Leia sitting on the Wookie's lap with her arm around him. Harrison Ford is also included in the photo, as he stands with his arms crossed. He is dressed as Han Solo, in his Return of the Jedi-style duster that was depicted in previously leaked concept art. The duster is shorter, and not considered a trench coat. Han has grey hair and an impatient expression on his face, though it is said that the trio look to be having fun in the photo.

Chewbacca reportedly has more grey in his fur than we've seen in previous set photos. He has thick yellowish brown fur on his face, which allows for his mustache to really appear evident. The top of the head is darker than before, and the entire body has more white and grey throughout than we've seen in the past. Chewbacca has also gotten an upgraded satchel. Apparently, the real Chewbacca as seen in the movie has not been revealed to the public yet, and the images and video we've seen thus far are of stunt costumes.

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While we've seen concept art of both Han Solo and Chewbacca, we have not see anything of Princess Leia. She is said to be wearing a solid jumpsuit that is grayish blue. She has a vest that hangs below the waist, and is more in the style of the Tantive IV Trooper than Han Solo's classic vest. Carrie Fisher's jumpsuit is said to have an open, button-down collar, and she wears her cuffs rolled up about two inches above the wrist. Her belt is thick black with a silver buckle. Moving onto the hair, she is no longer wearing the iconic buns. Instead, she has a ponytail that is braided and pulled to the side so that it hangs over her left shoulder. Her hair has turned grey, and has dark blonde tones throughout. Her boots are pitch black. It somewhat resembles her Star Wars: Episode VI - Return of the Jedi Endor uniform in the below sketch, but is said to mostly resemble the Tantive IV Troopers, as mentioned above, though without the helmet. Over all, it is said that all of the costumes are very basic. You can take a look at what Princess Leia 'supposedly' looks like in this sketch:

B. Alan Orange at Movieweb
B. Alan Orange