With three months left until Star Wars: The Force Awakens hits theaters, we've seen two trailers, with a new trailer coming sometime this fall. Disney and LucasFilm are finally starting to shed new light on the story, but there is still so much we don't know, especially since the studios haven't released an official synopsis yet. Producer Kathleen Kennedy recently spoke with Costco Connection, the official newsletter for Costco, where she dropped some interesting details, confirming that Star Wars: The Force Awakens and the sequels Star Wars: Episode VIII and Star Wars: Episode IX, will all focus on Luke Skywalker's family.

"The Saga films focus on the Skywalker family saga. The stories follow a linear narrative that connects to the previous six films. The Force Awakens follows Return of the Jedi and continues that generational story. The Anthology films offer opportunities to explore fresh characters, new storylines and a variety of genres inside the Star Wars universe."
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What's interesting about this is Luke Skywalker is the only character from the original trilogy that hasn't been seen in any photos or official footage so far. There have been plenty of rumors about his place in the story, none of which have been confirmed, but the fact that we haven't seen any images or footage of this iconic character is certainly peculiar. And, since we don't know anything official about Skywalker yet, we don't know who may be a part of his new family. Still, since we don't know the last names of Rey and Finn's characters yet, many have speculated they are related to either Luke Skywalker or other iconic characters from the original trilogy.

Speaking of character names, Cinelinx reveals that Finn may not have a surname at all. Their report claims that Finn's technical "name," as far as the First Order is concerned, is FN-2187, which he apparently used to create the nickname Finn. This unconfirmed report also reveals that the First Order trains their Stormtroopers in how to use a light saber, which means that Finn likely isn't any sort of Jedi candidate, which was confirmed when trading card photos surfaced that revealed he wasn't part of the Jedi Order.

What do you think of these new details? Do you have any theories about who could be a part of Luke Skywalker's family in Star Wars: The Force Awakens? Stay tuned for the third trailer, debuting sometime this fall, as we continue the countdown towards this highly-anticipated December 18 release.