/star-wars-episode-7-force-awakens-title/Earlier today, Lucasfilm and Disney announced the official title of Star Wars: Episode VII: Star Wars: The Force Awakens. Soon after, intense speculation began. What does the title mean? And do we already know? There have been a number of different rumors and spoilers flooding the internet over the course of the past year, with story details reaching a fever pitch as principle photography came to a close this past week.

While most of the spoilers up until this point have all been taken with a grain of salt, this new title seems to indicate that there is some truth buried in there. Especially in light of new plot details that surfaced earlier this morning. In fact, if everything we've heard about the movie leading up to this point proves to be true, Star Wars: The Force Awakens is a quite encompassing title on many levels, and hints at strong arcs for a number of characters both old and new.

Now, if you want to stay fresh and clean, with the Star Wars: The Force Awakens title serving as enough of a spoiler for you, then you best bail out of this story now. We're going to hit some rumors that consist of major plot twists, including one we didn't initially share because it supposedly reveals the film's biggest secret.

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You've been warned! Now, let's look at who may be awakening the force in Star Wars7!

1 Luke Skywalker Awakens The Force

Luke Skywalker

What We Know: Mark Hamill is returning as Jedi Luke Skywalker, and when it comes to his new story arc in this latest sequel, we've heard a variety of different things. Again, you must leave if you don't want to know what could be the film's biggest secret. From very early on, we've heard that Luke has gone missing, with Han Solo and Chewbacca on a mission to find him. For a while, it sounded like he had been kidnapped by Sith. But then we learned that he may have exiled himself shortly after the end of Star Wars: Episode VI - Return of the Jedi. Either way, no one has seen him in the 30 years since. The big twist comes when it is revealed that Luke has actually succumbed to the dark side.

A new rumor from today provides some insight into why the Master Jedi original put himself in exile, and actually serves the title meaning quite well. If we're to believe this latest report, at some unspecified point during the past 30 years, Luke experienced a 'Force Unleashed' or 'Awakening' moment where he does something truly incredible using his powers. He realizes that, even though he is the strongest Jedi ever, he may not be the wisest, and this power might be bad for the universe at large. Since he refuses to make the same mistakes as his father Darth Vader, Luke disappears, fearing that his power will be misused if he returns to society.

So, the title may be referring to the fact that while he's used the Force before, Luke has now truly awakened it. It is said that he imposed this exile partly because he cannot always control the immense power he wields, never sure if what he's doing is the "will of The Force" or the result of his own passion. He also sees visions from the past, present and future, along with "old friends long gone" which affects his sanity. He is described as "creepy and frightening in appearance" and you can actually see the "fire in his eyes." For most of the film, it is unclear if Luke's madness will be used for good or evil, but the new villain and hero are what draw him out of exile, when the hero explains that Luke is in a place where he does not belong. By the end of the film, it becomes clear whether or not he is actually good or evil. It is also believed that his absence is the reason why things have escalated in the galaxy.

2Daisy Ridley's Kira Awakens the Force

Daisy Ridley as Kira

What We Know: Every Jedi needs an apprentice, and all signs thus far point to Daisy Ridley's character being the film's new Jedi. Leaked concept art has shown the actress, who's character is rumored to be named Kira, holding a lightsaber. Though, this may be the lightsaber she finds alongside John Boyega's character out in the desert, which brings them to the attention of Han Solo and Chewbacca. It is believed that she goes on a mission with them to return the lightsaber to it's rightful owner, Luke Skywalker. Does she learn how to wield the lightsaber on her journey, thus awakening the force? There is also the small fact that only Daisy Ridley and Mark Hamill were present during the Skellig Michael Island shoot, which is believed to be where Luke has been hiding out. Does she arrive there as his apprentice, thus awakening the force?

When we first meet Kira, she is said to be a street-smart salvager working for a cyborg suffering from dementia. Kira brings the Jedi weapon to this old space fossil, played by Max von Sydow. Sight of the lightsaber stirs up old memories, and he reveals himself to be a Jedi-hunting Inquisitor connected to the Sith. Thus, the force has been awakened in him, too. As you can see, three characters now have the potential to awaken the force, if we're to believe this onslaught of rumors.

3 John Boyega Awakens the Force

John Boyega

What We Know: John Boyega is another character suspected of being a Jedi. It has long been rumored that he is playing an as-yet unnamed Stormtrooper who goes AWOL after crashing onto a desert planet, believed to be Tatooine. There, he teams up with Daisy Ridley's Kira in hopes of returning a found lightsaber to its rightful owner. As he goes on this journey, he slowly transitions to the good side. Is he just a soldier turned rebel freedom fighter? Or does he harbor a sea of Midi-chlorians deep inside his chest cavity? We're not sure.

It's rumored that Gwendoline Christie plays John Boyega's former boss, an Imperial commanding officer who will reveal her own ties to the Sith. She may even be one of the Jedi-hunting Inquisitors, who could also include a character played by Lupita Nyong'o. This tribe has laid dormant for quite some time, so they, too, if this proves to be true, are awakening the force. Everyone in Star Wars 7 seems to be awakening the force on some level. So maybe that's the perfect title?

4Adam Driver Awakens the Force

Adam Driver

What We Know: Ever since Adam Driver was first announced as someone being eyed for Star Wars: The Force Awakens, his character was referred to as the main villain, a Sith on par with Darth Vader. It was later believed that he is a treasure hunter, who has gone traipsing across the galaxy looking for old Jedi and Sith artifacts. And he wants that lightsaber, believed to be Luke's, in his possession. While he might not be the bad guy, there is evidence that he flies an X-Wing fighter. Was that a disguise? Did he join the rebellion? The interesting idea behind Adam Driver's unnamed character is that, maybe the rest of leaked plot details aren't true, and maybe he isn't the villain, but what if he comes across an ancient Jedi artifact that hold immense power and somehow he turns it on, thus awakening the force? That has definitely been hinted at in the past couple of weeks.

5 Princess Leia Awakens the Force

Princess Leia

What We Know: While Luke Skywalker was thought to be the rebellion's only hope, it was revealed in Star Wars: Episode V - The Empire Strikes Back that there was another. That other was revealed to be Carrie Fisher's Princess Leia, later unveiled to be Luke's twin sister and a strong harbor of the force. In terms of leaked spoilers, we haven't heard anything about the older Princess Leia. Did she become a Jedi in the years since we last saw her? Will she have to pick up a lightsaber once Luke Skywalker turns to the dark side. Remember when Yoda was seen in Star Wars: Episode II - Attack of the Clones wielding a lightsaber for the first time? We might get one of those moments here, involving Leia. Have you seen Carrie Fisher? She's in good enough shape to pull it off.

While we haven't heard much about the older Leia, we have heard that their will be flashbacks to her younger days, with Carrie Fisher's real-life daughter Billie Lourd taking on the role. Will it be revealed in flashbacks that Leia long ago awakened the force within her? Or will she awaken the force at 60 some years of age, showing off a power much greater than her brother? This is an aspect of the story we have yet to hear much about, but it must be addressed, as Star Wars: Episode VI - Return of the Jedi never really had the time to do so.

6 The Emperor Awakens the Force

The Emperor

What We Know: Finally, we come to the big bad villain of Star Wars: The Force Awakens. It is believed that The Emperor survived his chasm fall in the Death Star and was rescued from the space station moments before it blew, just as Luke was pulling his father to that Shuttle. Some believe it is the Emperor who is a cyborg in leaked concept art, while others believe it is Luke Skywalker himself.

With Luke missing and the Jedi order vanquished, it is said that the Emperor will finally come out of hiding after 30 years with a new apprentice (possibly Adam Driver), thus bringing the Sith back into prominence. Thus awakening the dark side of the force. That's the telling thing about the official title, it doesn't choose a light or dark side. THE ENTIRE FORCE is AWAKENING!!!

As laid out by the numerous rumors over the past few months, Star Wars: The Force Awakens might be the best title they could have come up with for this overall story. It truly encompasses the heroes, the villains and everything in-between. If there is any truth to what we've laid out, it sounds like the force is awakening in every corner of the galaxy. What do you think? Are you a fan of this title? Or is it worse than Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice? You have to admit, both have a very similar ring. Also, what do you think of the 7 being dropped? Does that scream reboot to you? Or are you cool with that?

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