Will Star Wars: The Force Awakens be the biggest movie of all time? If advanced ticket sales are any indication, yes, it will be! On Fandango alone, the pre-ticket sales for Star Wars 7 have been 8 times higher than the first day sales of previous record holder The Hunger Games. Tickets went on sale Monday night following the debut of the third and final trailer. And today, the sequel to one of the biggest sci-fi franchises of all-time is continuing to shatter records on several ticket selling sites. If you didn't secure your tickets yet, you may have to wait awhile after the film's December 18 release date before you'll actually get to see the movie. About the record setting pre-sale, an insider at Fandango had this to say,

"Movie theaters are continually adding new show times on Fandango to meet the phenomenal demand. The enthusiasm for this year's most anticipated movie is out of this world and we expect it to continue all the way to its debut on December 18."
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Even before the third and final Star Wars: The Force Awakens trailer launched to a billion screaming fans, several sites experienced crashing and outages. Deadline reports that even with two more months to go before the film is In theaters, it has already acquired a domestic gross of $6.5 million. And the pre-sales have already broken every IMAX record.

Star Wars: The Force Awakens is set to open on approximately 390 IMAX theaters in the U.S. alone. The film has already pummeled IMAX records set by The Dark Knight Rises, Marvel's The Avengers and The Hunger Games: Catching Fire, all of whom had $1+ million pre-sales. AMC has also reported that the J.J. Abrams directed sequel has set a single-day davcnaced ticket sales record, beating the previous record holder by 10 times the amount of ticket sales. In less than 12 hours, AMC managed to sell out more than 1,000 shows across the country. AMC is now in the process of adding showtimes. There are now nearly 4 million tickets available for the opening weekend between December 18 and December 20, with tickets stretched across various platforms that include IMAX, 3D, Dolby Cinema at AMC Prime and AMC Dine-In Theaters.

IMAX is currently responsible for 38% of all ticket sales grosses, with The Force Awakens to undoubtedly be the biggest IMAX movie of all time. Disney Springs 24 theater in Orlando is holding an exclusive Star Wars opening night event event that includes an after party. That venue sold out 17 showtimes in just a few hours. It's expected that a number of theaters will be staying open for 24 hours through December 18 and possibly heading into the weekend. The Fandango rep also had this to say about the record-shattering ticket sales.

"This is an extraordinary time for the industry, which experienced unprecedented ticketing demand last night for Star Wars: The Force Awakens. In fact, Fandango traffic surged to 7 times its typical peak levels, propelling Fandango's advance sales for Star Wars to a record-setting first day of pre-sales. For Star Wars, we have already sold 8 times as many tickets as we did on the first day of sales for the previous record holder."

Did you already secure your Star Wars: The Force Awakens tickets? If not, keep trying! It sounds like more and more theaters are going to start offering tickets well into the witching hour all throughout the opening weekend. All hope is not lost. And if this steady stream of business keeps up, expect the movie to obliterate every single box office record that currently stands in its way. This is surely going to be one for the books!