Star Wars: The Force Awakens is coming this December, but you're going to want to buy your tickets well in advance, as many believe the film could be sold out for weeks. Of course, we heard the same thing said when Star Wars: Episode I - The Phantom Menace opened back in 1999. And as many remember, tickets were readily available at the box office the day of release. Still, many fans are eagerly awaiting the moment they can pre-order their tickets. And that time may be soon, if a new rumor is to be believed.

FullofSith claim to have some inside intel on the exact date Star Wars: The Force Awakens tickets are going on sale. If their calculations are correct, that date will be October 19th. As of now, that date has in no way been confirmed by LucasFilm or Disney. This is what FullofSith had to say on their Facebook Page.

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"Your wallet's gotten a workout since Force Friday, but you're probably wondering "When do I get to spend money on the the good stuff? When can I buy tickets to The Force Awakens?" OCTOBER 19th. That's when. At least if you've got a Century or Cinemark theater nearby. Although it's likely a safe bet your Regals and your AMCs will have their box-offices waiting to recieve your moneys around the same time. Speaking of bets (safe or otherwise) odds seem decent there *might* be a trailer right around that date to help push people towards that open and waiting box-office on the 19th. Maybe that day. Maybe the prior weekend. Maybe a week previous. Who knows. Anyway: OCTOBER 19th. Tickets for The Force Awakens go on sale. There you go."

The reliability of FullofSith has not yet been tested in the fullest, so this rumor could miss the mark by a few days, even a month. But in most cases, advanced word of mouth does usually leak from exhibitor sources, which seems to be the case here. And that's one of the reasons we see so many rumors crop up on the Star Wars fan sites. One thing pointing to the reliability of this date is that theater chains need to start planning for the big release weekend, insuring they have enough screens devoted to the movie, and enough staff on hand to handle the suspected audience swell that is going to result from all of this. After all, some predict this will be the biggest movie of all time.

One thing is for certain. We'll know well in advance when Star Wars: The Force Awakens tickets are actually going on sale. Disney and LucasFilm made a big deal out of putting the trailer in theaters. This will be no different. And it's sure to turn into a media circus. Those working in the movie theater exhibition industry have been speculating that advanced tickets would go on sale in November. The October 19th date arrives two months before the movie hits the big screen, and is quite a bit earlier than expected.

Adding some validity to these pre-sale claims is the fact that the official IMAX Melbourne site has been updated with a Star Wars: The Force Awakens page. They claim that there will be a global pre-sale date announced, and it is expected to be in October. Many believe that the third and final trailer for the movie will arrive either on the pre-sale date or the day before to help ensure ticket sales are at an all-time high. Tickets for Star Wars: Episode I - The Phantom Menace, as some may remember, only went on sale one week before the movie opened nationwide. This cause lines to form outside of many theaters days in advanced, and the line waiting became a national phenomenon, as you could only buy the tickets at participating theaters, not online.

It isn't known if there will be midnight showings of Star Wars: The Force Awakens. Most theaters have stopped holding late night previews after the Aurora shooting incident the night The Dark Knight Rises opened. Now, most theaters have 7:00 pm preview nights. But it isn't known if Disney will allow 7:00 pm Thursday previews across the country on December 17th or not. When Star Wars: Episode I - The Phantom Menace opened, some theaters stayed open for 24 hours. Many believe that may happen here. Just remember, if tickets go on sale October 19th, and you fail to secure your own, more screens will open up, and more tickets will be made available prior to December 18. So hold in there. You'll see it eventually.