Ever since the first 88-second teaser trailer for Star Wars: The Force Awakens debuted in late November of last year, fans have been chomping at the bit to see even more footage. Director J.J. Abrams took a break from his post-production work to host a party over the weekend at his Bad Robot offices in Santa Monica, California, where he revealed that he is grateful for fans who want to know when the next trailer will debut, and said that they have conversations every day about when fans will see the next footage. But he doesn't actually answer the question, instead explaining Disney's release strategy:

"First of all, I'm always grateful that people would be asking. But the truth is like we haven't shown anything. We don't want to be coy but we have almost a year until the movie comes out, so we have to be smart about what we say and when. We're always having conversations about it. There's sort of an abundance of riches with the stuff we could put out so we're just trying to make sure it's as good as it could be before we put anything out. The disaster would be to race something out for the sake of making an impact and it being not as good as people deserve. I would say thank you for being interested. Thank you for your patience and honestly, I can't wait for you to see the film."

Along with a preponderance of rumors surfacing about the well-guarded plot, there has also been speculation that the new trailer will debut at Star Wars celebration, which kicks off on April 16 in Anaheim, California. It's also possible that Disney will attach the trailer to their highly-anticipated Marvel sequel Avengers: Age of Ultron, which kicks off the summer movie season on May 1. When do you think the next Star Wars: The Force Awakens will be released? Let us know what you think, and stay tuned for more updates.