/star-wars-7-force-awakens-trailer-premiere-date-location/Shortly after Regal Cinemas confirmed that the Star Wars: The Force Awakens trailer will play in 9 of their theaters starting this Friday, director J.J. Abrams has confirmed that the first footage is definitely on its way this Thanksgiving weekend. The director has also reveals that the teaser will have an 88 second runtime. There is no confirmation, though, on what exactly we will be seeing in this latest footage.

Regal first released an official statement about the Star Wars: The Force Awakens teaser earlier today. It is known that this highly anticipated sneak peek will play before every single movie during every single showtime. While regal initially released a list of theaters that would be showing the footage, they have since pulled their theater listing and instead replaced it with the below image of Mon Mothma. It was previously rumored that Disney wants Big Hero 6 to run as the first showtime on Friday. So if you're planning on being first in line, this is the movie you'll probably want to buy tickets for.

This Star Wars: The Force Awakens sneak peek is confirmed to run in theaters from Friday, November 28 until Sunday November 30. StarWars.com has also confirmed that this epic event is taking place. They have finally released the full theater listing as seen below:

Phoenix, AZ Harkins Tempe Marketplace

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Los Angeles, CA AMC Century City

Los Angeles, CA El Capitan

San Francisco, CA AMC Meteron 16

San Jose, CA Cinemark Oakridge 20

Toronto, Canada CPX Younge & Dundas

Vancouver, Canada CPX Riverport

Denver, CO AMC Tysons Corner 16

Miami, FL Carmike Parisian 20

Boston, MA AMC Boston Commons 19

Detroit, MI Cinemark Showcase 20

Minneapolis, MN AMC Southdale

Kansas City, MO AMC Studi 30

New York, NY AMC Lincoln Square 12

Cleveland, OH Cinemark Cinemark 24

Nashville, TN Carmike Thoroughbred 20

Dallas, TX Cinemark Plano 20

Austin, TX Alamo South Lamar

Salt lake City, UT Cinemark Cinemark 24 WJ

Milwaukee, WI Marcus Brookfield 16

Regal Cinemas
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