Just because the Star Wars: The Force Awakens trailer has debuted doesn't mean the plot leaks and rumors will stop. This first footage sets up five new characters, and while we've heard plenty of spoilers regarding John Boyega, Daisy Ridley and the new Sith villain, very little is known about Oscar Isaac as the X-Wing pilot. A source close to the production is out to change that today, teasing new information on this mysterious new character. And Oscar Isaac even drops a few hints himself.

It's best to step away now if you want to avoid SPOILERS. According to this latest report, which appeared on Reddit, Oscar Isaac's X-Wing Pilot is named 'Darklighter' and is a relative of original trilogy character Biggs Darklighter, though their true connection has not yet been revealed. He is stationed on Yavin, and is the leader of the Blue Squadron. Other Yavin X-Wing Squads include the Red and Gold teams. Like he did with Luke in the original Star Wars, Han Solo likes to call Darklighter 'Kid', which the pilot reportedly hates.

As teased in previous set photos, Adam Driver is said to be the leader of Red Squadron. He is a hot shot pilot with a deep fascination for all things Sith. As we've heard before, he likes to collect items associated with the Dark Side, and may have a close relationship with a character that has fallen to the dark side. None of this has been confirmed by Disney nor LucasFilm. The original report goes onto give away plenty more story details, none of which have been confirmed. Some contradict what we've heard before, while some of it is the same old information. To check it out: CLICK HERE

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While Oscar Isaac himself won't reveal his character, he did shed some light on how he prepared for the role:

"I did a little bit on a simulator, just for a day, but ultimately it was more about my imagination. I remember some of my prep was getting a little ship and just playing in my room with it and thinking about the things I used to say when I was doing that."

The actor also shared some advice imparted on him by Star Wars franchise mainstay Harrison Ford. The actor offered to take him flying before the shoot, since Harrison Ford has his pilot's license, but there never was time to do so. Oscar Isaac explains:

"He was just like, 'Whenever you wanna go up, we'll fly.' I was like, 'That's amazing!' Then, scheduling-wise, we couldn't find the time to do that. Ultimately, he was like, 'Well, you know, it's space. So it's a little different when you're flying in atmosphere.' At the time, I don't think he'd done much flying, way back when he was first Han Solo."

Unlike the prequel trilogy, which many fans criticized for the overuse of CGI elements, J.J. Abrams employed a more practical approach. Photos from the set taken this fall revealing the production actually built the Millennium Falcon and several other ships for the shoot. Here's what Oscar Isaac had to say, revealing this role was like living out his childhood dream.

"There was just so much love poured into it and so much care. The thing is, when you rely on the latest technology to tell your story -- and that's it -- that dates. It can date badly. Whereas, when you actually make the stuff, I think there's something about that that is a little bit more ageless. It was totally like living out a childhood dream. Being on those sets and being surrounded by those people -- talking to Anthony Daniels, seeing him getting suited up, and Peter Mayhew putting on the suit again -- that was incredible."