Spoilers often come from the strangest of places. Today, we have word that former James Bond actor Roger Moore, star of the Star Wars-influenced Moonraker, has seen the Ice Planet set in Star Wars: Episode VII with his own eyes. And Harrison Ford was present. But did he visit Hoth?

Roger Moore refused to say more about what he saw during his time spend on set, but this does match up with previous rumors that Star Wars: Episode VII is returning to the snowy planet seen during the first act of The Empire Strikes Back.

Star Wars 7 News has a transcript from a recent BBC interview, where the actor talks about visiting his old friend, director J.J. Abrams on the set. Here is that conversation:

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Roger Moore: Anyway, the day before last, I know we stopped by the office, and I went up to see - on a very closed, secret set - my friend J.J. Abrams, who is directing Star Wars: Episode VII.

BBC: Ooh, wow!

Roger Moore: ...With Harrison Ford.

BBC: So, what were they filming that day? Can you tell me?

Roger Moore: Well, yes! They were filming something with a lot of mountains and snow.

BBC: Okay, hmm.

Roger Moore: But I'm assigned to secrecy.

BBC: Did you really have to sign a thing?

Roger Moore: Oh, erm... No.

Both: [laugh]

BBC: It wouldn't surprise me! They are crazy, those people, so...

Roger Moore: But they have to be secret about it! What happens with film is that, somehow or another, people get their hands on outtakes and prints, and they print them and they sell them for television in the Philippines - I had a Filipino working for us years ago and he said "Oh, my family have already seen the film," which hadn't even had its royal premiere!

BBC: Oh! That's extraordinary, isn't it?

The plot of Star Wars: Episode VII will reportedly find Han Solo and Chewbacca on a desperate search to find a missing Luke Skywalker. During their mission to retrieve him, they are said to visit some iconic locations, such as Endor, Dagobah, Tatooine and Hoth. Leaked Snowtrooper and Han in Hoth gear concept designs further confirmed this. But it has been teased that this snowy, mountain filled landscape Roger Moore speaks of is not actually Hoth, but a different planet occupied by the Sith.

Badass Digest previously reported this plot spoiler:

So begins a quest to find the missing Jedi Master. Meanwhile, on an ice planet, nefarious forces are building a super weapon, one capable of destroying not planets but entire solar systems ... In many ways this plot of Episode VII is an echo of A New Hope. Instead of R2 coming to Tatooine it's a hand falling from the sky, but the basic sweep of the story is similar, and intentionally so. But things that seem familiar may not be as familiar as you think - don't assume that every ice or desert planet in the galaxy has already been visited, if you know what I'm saying/"

Do you want to return to Hoth on the big screen, or do you hope J.J. Abrams is actually creating new planets? Let us know what you think!

B. Alan Orange at Movieweb
B. Alan Orange