Back in March, an anonymous 4Chan user going by the name of "Mizzlewump" posted a number of unconfirmed plot details for Star Wars: Episode VII, which he learned after reportedly reading the second draft of J.J. Abrams and Lawrence Kasdan's script. Latino Review has now corroborated that several items in that original post are, in fact, true, although they have not been confirmed by LucasFilm.

Be warned, there will be massive spoilers, but if you want to know more details about Star Wars: Episode VII, keep reading.

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  • Leia is made leader of the Republic after her predecessor's death
  • - Han is a retired veteran of the Republic fleet
  • - Luke hasn't been seen in nearly 30 years
  • - The lead character is Han and Leia's daughter
  • - The other lead is the child of Lando, and either a male or female depending on who is cast
  • - The other lead is a Stormtrooper, also either a male or female depending on who is cast
  • - Dialogue for these two characters is very rough in the second draft
  • - Luke has no known offspring
  • - The Empire still exists in the form of a number of loyal galaxies and are in a state of cold war with the Republic
  • - The Empire is simply referred to as the "Empire," and the Republic is referred to formally only once, as the "Galactic Republic;" no "New" anywhere
  • - There are no Jedi whatsoever, and people still speak as if they are extinct, with Luke being "the last of his kind"
  • - The main antagonists are an older student of the Emperor, and his apprentice
  • - The apprentice takes control of the power dynamic between the two pretty quickly...
  • - The Republic are excavating ruins on a neutral world for a weapon; the world factors into tense negotiations the Empire have had with the Republic, and is referred to as the "Sith Homeworld"
  • - Loredump: In the script, the Sith are a couple thousand years old, founded by an ancestor of Palpatine called Ruin; the apprentice in this film also goes by that name the ruins within the Sith Homeworld are a control station; the planet itself is the weapon
  • - Luke saves the day at the end, but in a bad way; he has changed

The last item may be the most interesting of all, since it hints that Luke Skywalker may be turned into the villain in Star Wars: Episode VIII and Star Wars: Episode IX. However, since Luke has no children, even if this turns out to be true, there won't be the same father-son connection like Luke and Darth Vader in the original trilogy.

Back in July, we reported that the plot will follow John Boyega and Daisy Ridley's characters, who find the severed hand of Luke Skywalker (Mark Hamill) with his light saber attached to it, sending them on a quest where they meet Han Solo (Harrison Ford). Another report from July revealed that John Boyega is playing a Stormtrooper who is seeking redemption. If the bullet points above from "Mizzlewumps" are correct, that means John Boyega is indeed playing the Stormtrooper, while Daisy Ridley is playing Han Solo and Princess Leia's (Daisy Ridley) daughter.

As for Lando Calrissian's daughter, there is speculation that role may be played by either Lupita Nyong'o or Crystal Clarke, a British actress who joined the cast in July.

Another report from Making Star Wars reveals that Luke Skywalker hasn't been missing for the past 30 years. When the movie starts, he's reportedly been missing for the past decade. There will also be a connection to Count Dooku, played by Christopher Lee in Star Wars: Episode II - Attack of the Clones. When Benedict Cumberbatch was rumored for a role in Star Wars: Episode VII, his character was believed to be a descendant of Count Dooku. However, that connection to Dooku has since been transferred to Gwendoline Christie's character, which falls in line from a July report.

There was also another rumor from last month that Han Solo will return to Hoth and Endor from the original trilogy. This report from Making Star Wars indicates that sketches were made that depicted a battle on Endor, although these may be used for other Star Wars projects.

What do you think about these new details? Are you more excited for Star Wars: Episode VII now? Chime in with your thoughts below.