Where is Luke Skywalker? That is the question on everyone's mind as we enter the homestretch. Star Wars: The Force Awakens is in theaters in less than a month! But Mark Hamill's Luke Skywalker is one of the few main characters who has not been revealed in any of the previously released footage. According to director J.J. Abrams, we won't see the Master Jedi until the movie arrives in theaters this December. But it looks like Famous Monsters magazine has jumped the gun in giving us a sneak peek. Luke is actually present on their cover, along with other characters both old and new.

The new-and-improved Famous Monsters magazine is back in December with a Star Wars Spectacular Issue spotlighting Mark Hamill's insightful interview with FM Editor David Weiner. And it features brand-new details about returning to a galaxy far, far away in Star Wars: The Force Awakens. It will be an exciting issue to get our hands on. And we have a few excerpts from the movie that the magazine shared with us. The actor doesn't go into specific detail about his return. And he certainly doesn't give up the film's big secret, which is said to rival the Darth Vader reveal in Empire. But he does offer some new insight into the filmmaking process. About the new storyline, the new characters, and especially the actors that they chose to play them, he calls them 'thrilling beyond words'. He then had this to say about the basic concept of the movie.

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"It is about setting up the next generation of heroes and villains, but the fact that half a dozen cast members from the originals can be there to place it in some sort of context, to be there for the historical side of things, I think it's wonderful. ... Young people can see the progression of the characters. I'm old enough to be Luke's grandfather now, and that's a healthy, natural thing for people to see."

Though no one has seen the movie yet, it hasn't stopped fans from gleefully comparing it to A New Hope and the original trilogy. It certainly doesn't look like the much maligned prequel trilogy. But it will be vastly different from the original films as well. Mark Hamill explains.

"I think [THE FORCE AWAKENS] could be every bit as exciting for the audience, [but] it's not going to be like it was then, when we're rattling around in the Death Star, and exchanging quips, and jockeying for the affections of the princess. It's going to be age appropriate. The story has moved on, and our purpose in the story is different than it was then."

It has long been expected that Mark Hamill will assume the Obi-Wan Kenobi role, and that he will be training one of the new characters in the ways of the Jedi. While he won't confirm or deny that, the actor did talk about being the same age as Alec Guinness when that acclaimed actor took on the role of Old Ben. And while he might not look younger, Mark Hamill certainly doesn't feel like a senior citizen in Jedi robes.

"Intellectually, I know I'm the same age as Alec Guinness. Emotionally, I'm thinking, "Are you kidding me?!? I still like The Three Stooges and the Rolling Stones. How could I be old?"

Famous Monsters wasn't the only publication to catch up with the actor, who will lose money if his big Star Wars: The Force Awakens secret leaks before the movie opens. He also spoke with Empire, revealing what it was like to step back on set. And he explained it was a lot like the first time he donned Luke's Tattooine wardrobe.

"It reminded me of when I was in Tunisia on the salt flats [shooting the first Star Wars]. If you could get into your own mind and shut out the crew and look at the horizon, you really felt like you were in a galaxy far, far away. I had that same wave of emotion happen to me when I was on Skellig Michael in Ireland. I wasn't anticipating it."

Along with Mark Hamill's new insight into Star Wars: The Force Awakens, we have a look at him in character on the FM cover. But we're not sure if this was approved by Lucasfilm. It's not fanart. But we suspect it may be the artist's interpretation of how the character looks now, at this stage of his life. We also have a look at the cover of Total Film's latest issue. It has Kylo Ren striking a pose very similar to one we saw on recent officially licensed character posters.

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