Just hours after it was rumored that Tom Cruise may have a cameo appearance in Star Wars: Episode VII, due to Harrison Ford's on-set injury earlier this month, a new report reveals that the highly-anticipated sequel's December 2015 release date may be in jeopardy because of the injury.

Jedi News has heard from "a number of sources" that a production meeting was called at Pinewood Studios today, where the possibility of a shooting delay was discussed due to the "severe nature of Harrison Ford's injury." Production may be delayed for "a substantial amount of time," which could affect the December 18, 2015 release date.

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Naturally, this has not been confirmed by Disney or LucasFilm yet, but we reported last week that Harrison Ford will be out for eight weeks as he recovers from his surgery to repair a broken leg. Shooting was said to continue in Harrison Ford's absence, but if this new report is true, it seems they could be facing a production shut-down.

Marvel's Iron Man 3 faced a similar scenario in 2012, when star Robert Downey Jr. injured his ankle on the set, sidelining him for two months. Shooting was only shut down for a week, with the production shooting scenes that did not involve Robert Downey Jr. until he was healthy enough to return. It's possible that Star Wars: Episode VII could employ a similar stragey, working around Harrison Ford's absence until he returns, but, of course, nothing has been confirmed yet.

Until we hear anything further, production is still under way on Star Wars: Episode VII, under the direction of J.J. Abrams. We'll keep you posted any any further updates.