Low flying private jets from the FlyMAC Airbourne Aviation school (South of England's Most Popular Flying School, based at Popham Airfield in Winchester) has clearly breached the private airspace above Pinewood Studios in London as Star Wars: Episode VII continues shooting. Flying overhead, they were able to snap a covert photo of the Millennium Falcon in mid-construction, parked beside an X-Wing wrapped in a blue tarp. This is the best look at the outside of the infamous smuggler ship yet. Take a look as it is rebuilt in the image that we remember, with few new modifications, along with a brief video from one of the planes.

While no official Star Wars: Episode VII plot details have been released just yet, plenty of plot spoilers have spread like a virus across the Internet. Apparently, Han Solo and Chewbacca are no longer in ownership of the Millennium Falcon. It now belongs to Oscar Isaac's as yet unidentified character, who is said to be reminiscent of Lando Calrissian down to the cape. Instead of flying the Falcon, old space pirate turned Rebel Admiral Solo and his first mate are now piloting an Imperial Star Cruiser across the galaxy on a mission to find a missing Luke Skywalker.

B. Alan Orange at Movieweb
B. Alan Orange