Despite a preponderance of rumors, conjecture and unconfirmed information floating around about the highly-anticipated Star Wars: Episode VII, there isn't much we really know about the sequel, aside from which actors have been cast, and that production is still under way at Pinewood Studios in London. Oscar Isaac is one of the many newcomers to the franchise, and there has been plenty of speculation as to who he may be playing after the full cast was revealed in late April, with one rumor suggesting that he is portraying the son or another descendant of Harrison Ford's Han Solo.

Entertainment Weekly recently caught up with Oscar Isaac, who doesn't confirm exactly what character he's playing, although the actor does reveal he has scenes with original Star Wars cast members Harrison Ford, Carrie Fisher and Mark Hamill. Here's what he had to say, when asked if he's had interactions with the actors both on and off the screen.

"Yeah, I have. Both. They're such funny people. Carrie is hilarious and doing such cool work. Harrison is back. He went on hiatus for a little while, but he's 150 percent back. It's pretty amazing to see him bounce back. He looks incredible. Everyone's having a really good time. (Director) J.J. (Abrams) sets that tone. There's a lot of enthusiasm and it's being done with a lot of heart. There's nothing cynical about the way we're doing this. Even the in way he's shooting it-he's shooting on film and actually building the sets, so you've got hundreds of Stormtroopers or whatever, and hundreds of extras and all the ships. You actually see it. It's all real. Everyone can interact with the world.

Landing a role in Star Wars: Episode VII will obviously have a huge impact on his career going forward, but the actor revealed that it's impossible to predict what the future may hold.

"I've never been good at those kinds of calculations. It's more like, if I get something and I read it and I think that there is something to do here or it's different in some way or, like, that's a psyche I'd like to inhabit-it's more about that. It's impossible to know what you're going to get, you know? That's how I look at it."

Ever since production started earlier this summer, there have been numerous set photos and videos that have been taken from the set, to help quench the fans' insatiable appetite for any information about Star Wars: Episode VII. The actor stated that if any important information gets leaked early on, it will "rob" the fans of being surprised when they sit down in the movie theater.

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"People want to know all those special things and when those iconic moments are going to happen, but if all that gets revealed beforehand I feel like it robs people of that moment when they're sitting there watching it for the first time."

The original Star Wars was filled with a number of corny one-liners, which the original trilogy stars have criticized over the years. Oscar Isaac said that he's always looking for a cheesy line to say.

"Yeah. [Laughs] I'm constantly looking for a cheesy line to say to harken back to the old ones. No, what they're trying to do and what's really great is J.J.'s been loosening it up a little bit and trying to make it alive and energized. It's not formal. They're messy, energized people. We've all intentionally tried to do that. Just make it a little more fiery and messy."

What do you think about Oscar Isaac's statements? Who do you think he may be playing in Star Wars: Episode VII? Chime in with your thoughts below.