Licensing Expo 2015 is happening right now in Las Vegas, and with it comes our first look at Star Wars: The Force Awakens merchandise. As we previously reported, all of the cool new Star Wars toys will hit retail shelves on September 4th. But today, EW has our first look at some of these anticipated items, announcing that the first wave of Star Wars: The Force Awakens toys will actually arrive at San Diego Comic-Con 2015.

Com-Con will run from July 9-12, and will be accompanied by the presence of director J.J. Abrams new take on the Stormtrooper. Here, we get a look at three items that take their inspiration from the redesigned galactic soldier of the New Order. Sadly, star John Boyega's Finn is not unmasked in any of these cool toys. Instead, we get a look at Lego's buildable Stormtrooper, Hasbro's Black Series Stormtrooper and Mattel's Hot Wheels Stormtrooper car. Take a look this awesome Star Wars merchandise:


Lego Buildable STormtrooper
"This is no minifig. Lego's Buildable First Order Stormtrooper has 81 separate pieces that can be assembled into one 9-inch figure with posable limbs. It will be on display only at Comic-Con, and fans will have to wait until January 1, to purchase their own. If this one seems a little short for a Stormtrooper, Lego promises its booth will feature a life-sized recreation of a First Order soldier assembled entirely from its traditional toy bricks."


Stormtrooper Black Series Hasbro Figure
"Here's one you can take home from the show floor. The first Hasbro action figure from The Force Awakens will be this 6-inch figure from the toy manufacturer's Black Series of collectibles. As part of a Comic-Con exclusive, the packaging will be unique to the San Diego gathering, and only a limited number will be available for sale afterward via It's recommended for ages 4 and up, with a pricetag of $24.99."


Stormtrooper Hot Wheels
"Hot Wheels has been manufacturing Star Wars-themed miniature vehicles for a while, and already has a large collection of them - from a Yoda-esque smartcar to a Darth Vader speedster and a furry Chewbacca truck. There's a Porsche-like vintage Stormtrooper car already out there, along with a Clone Trooper SUV, but this new die-cast model featuring the sleek First Order redesign will be joining the fleet at Comic-Con. That's just how they roll ..."
Stormtrooper SDCC Toys
B. Alan Orange at Movieweb
B. Alan Orange