In the dark is where Disney and Lucasfilm currently want Star Wars fans when it comes to The Last Jedi. But one thing they haven't kept under wraps is a new planet that is essentially one giant casino. This place was confirmed in a number of Last Jedi set photos that leaked last year. And now, we know that this shining sphere of degenerates, slicers and space bookies has an official name. Maybe.

This latest rumor comes from Making Star Wars, who have become the most trusted and accurate source for all things in this galaxy far, far away. According to their sources embedded deep within LucasFilm, the Star Wars 8 casino planet is called Canto Bight.

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The report claims to be accurate, though they do mention that there is a very slim chance this is just a placeholder name used to throw any potential leak hounds off the scent. As it were, Canto Bight is a pretty unique name for a planet. And it definitely sounds like something that would exist in the Star Wars universe.

Every single Star Wars live-action movie has introduced at least one or two new planets, usually made-up of one type of Earth element, such as the Forest Planet of Endor, or the Ice Planet of Hoth, or the Desert Planet of Tatooine. Rogue One had the tropical planet of Scarif. But the elements are becoming few and far between, and we've even seen a few repeats, with the Star Killer base looking a lot like Hoth, and both Jedha and Jakku appearing quite a bit like Tatooine. So why not a whole planet that is one giant Las Vegas?

The exteriors for Canto Bight were all shot on location in the beautiful city of Dubrovnik. And quite a few set photos were leaked from this location. All of the interior shots were filmed at Pinewood Studios, and while fans have an idea what the outside of this planet looks like, the inside of these massive casinos have yet to be revealed.

Making Star Wars has more information about the characters and cast members that participated in the Canto Bight shoot, but they are not ready to share that information. We do know from set photos that Finn will be riding a space horse around the outskirts of the main Canto Bight city. The report goes onto say that Canto Bight probably isn't a code name, since most code names have been fairly obvious in the past. And this probably would have been called Vegas, if that were the case.

Canto Bight has been described as a Medieval city dressed in neon lights. And it falls in line with Coruscant. Canto Bight has some fans excited, as it is clearly an all-new location and not a regurgitation of a theme or idea already played in the earlier movies. We have some tweets here of some of the Star Wars 8 set photos that appeared last year.

B. Alan Orange at Movieweb
B. Alan Orange