Lucasfilm and Disney have revealed new character posters after the debut of the brand new behind-the-scenes footage at the D23 Expo today. Roughly 6,000 fans in the D23 Hall were treated to the Lucasfilm portion of the D23 Expo Live Action panel where Rian Johnson along with the cast introduced the behind-the-scenes featurette. After the panel, Lucasfilm and stars from The Last Jedi took to social media to share the brand new character posters for the upcoming sequel to The Force Awakens.

The five character posters come to us via the official Star Wars Twitter account and they each picture a different character dressed in red. The first poster reveals Carrie Fisher as General Leia, but not showing her entire face, with a logo for Star Wars: The Last Jedi front and center and text that simply reads "December 2015" in the bottom left-hand corner. The next poster of Rey was released by Daisy Ridley through her Facebook page and it is the same style, but a little darker and taken from a profile point of view while she's holding a lightsaber. Finn is next and John Boyega released his poster through his Twitter account. His poster looks relatively the same as the previous 2 posters. Mark Hamill also took to his Twitter account to post his poster, which looks like the mirror image of Rey's poster. Finally, Poe's poster shows him looking slightly downward, dressed in red like the rest of the posters. We only get one villain poster, unless Disney plans to release a few more today. Kylo Ren is seen in red, without his mask and holding his lightsaber in a profile shot.

The posters are simple and elegant, a perfect way of playing off of the red coloring in the logo for The Last Jedi and possibly the darkness contained in the movie. The new posters are quite the departure for the original teaser poster that came out earlier this year. The teaser poster was a visual throwback to the poster for A New Hope of Rey holding up a lightsaber that turns from blue to red with a backdrop of Luke Skywalker and Kylo Ren's faces. The retro poster was unveiled during Star Wars Celebration back in April.

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The new behind-the-scenes footage that was introduced at the D23 Expo earlier today was welcomed with loud cheering and clapping from the enthusiastic (to put it lightly) crowd. Most of the footage went by pretty quick, but we were treated to the first view of a Porg as well as a plethora of new aliens and a few new characters. Mark Hamill and Rian Johnson can be heard saying that the story contains moments that are truly unexpected while Daisy Ridley says that although the movie is number two in a trilogy, it can stand on its own.

Star Wars fans are already taking out their microscopes to dissect every last moment in the behind the scenes footage and looking for the deeper meaning in the new character posters, which is half of the fun. One thing that was conspicuously missing from the event today was an update on the Han Solo movie. Many fans were hoping to, at the very least, receive the title today. The Last Jedi doesn't hit theaters until December 15th, 2017, so in the meantime be sure to check out the behind the scenes footage and the new character posters of Rey, Leia, Luke, Finn, Kylo and Poe below.

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