Ok, so a lot of you like to discredit Internet scamp Mike Zeroh and his many Star Wars: The Last Jedi rumors, theories and ideas. But when they are backed up by merchandise, perhaps there is some truth to what is being sold in his weekly video updates on this impending sequel. Today we have a very interesting piece of intel that we haven't heard before. And a toy to prove it's true. It deals with the resurrection of a Sith legend. So stop reading now if you wish to avoid SPOILERS.

If this is true, we will definitely be seeing Ian McDiarmid reprise his iconic role as Emperor Palpatine. At this point, you may want to pull a good old fashion Luke Skywalker, 'No, that's impossible!' After all, Palpatine died after being thrown down a Death Star shaft by Darth Vader at the end of Return of the Jedi just seconds before Lando and Nien Nunb blew up the whole damn thing. But there is a perfectly good explanation as to how Snoke manages to resurrect the evil Emperor. And it doesn't involve a Force Ghost.

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The Last Jedi reportedly has a scene involving Snoke, Kylo Ren and Emperor Palpatine. And we now this from a new LEGO set that is being released later this year. We even have an image of the Lego mini-fig in question, so you pretty much know its true. Mike Zeroh (just hold on, listen), had this to say about he initial rumors of Palpatine returning.

"A couple of months ago there was a big leak, a big rumour, that surfaced on the internet, that Supreme Leader Snoke owns a Palpatine hologram. [One] that he will actually show to Kylo Ren...so that Kylo Ren can actually understand his grandfather, Darth Vader, all the more in this film."

That sounds pretty reasonable. And it definitely looks true, as an image has leaked from Walmart, which the Brick People website was able to obtain, and we have embedded for you below. A Snoke mini-fig that definitely comes with a tiny little blue hologram of Emperor Palpatine. Someone is selling an advanced copy of the toy, which has the description, 'LEGO Star Wars: Supreme Leader Snoke with Palpatine Hologram'. Mike Zeroh goes onto say this.

"Now we also heard a lot of rumors in the past before that Ian McDiarmid would return to do some minor work in The Last Jedi. However those rumors actually ended up being false. So I don't think we're gonna get Emperor Palpatine himself, or the voice of Ian doing it. They are most likely going to be using old footage from either...Revenge of the Sith or something from the prequels or the original trilogy, to essentially make a miniature Palpatine hologram in the hand of Supreme Leader Snoke."

Hmm. Now that might be the most interesting idea out of this whole story. Would Rian Johnson actually repurpose old footage from one of the other movies? Well, sure, perhaps, as Emperor Palpatine in his true form first appeared as a hologram in Empire Strikes Back, and most of the time, when he's in his evil guise in the prequels, it is via Hologram. So it's entirely possible that one of these old holograms has been recorded and saved. We know that R2-D2 has all of the original Death Star data stored in his busty innards. So its possible that BB-9E serves a similar purpose, that he's rolling around with a bunch of old data. Here, you can see the image of the Snoke and Palpatine Lego mini-fig for yourself thanks to Walmart and Express U.K.

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