Rey will have more Force Visions in Star Wars: Episode VIII, and they will reportedly continue the flashback scenes that were revealed in The Force Awakens. At least that's what a new rumor claims, offering more insight into the Star Wars 8 story. At this point, no official plot synopsis for the movie has been released, and thus far, we've had to rely on a lot of speculation and word of mouth. Will we actually get to learn what happened to Luke Skywalker in the days leading up to his exile? All signs point to yes.

This story does contain some potential spoilers for the next chapter in the main Star Wars saga which tracks the Skywalker bloodline. We encourage you to read on at your own risk. That said, Making Star Wars is once again claiming that Rey's Force Visions will play an important role in this upcoming sequel, which hits theaters December 2017. And they will reportedly give us more of a backstory for Luke Skywalker, leading up to his self-imposed Jedi exile on the planet of Ahch-To.

This flashback scene reportedly comes midway through Star Wars: Episode VIII. At this time, the ideas and information that is explained in this particular Force Vision is said to be 'difficult to piece together'. And that's exactly how Rey's first Force Vision played out for fans. The Force Vision will delve into Luke's backstory following the events seen in 1983's Return of the Jedi. And it will show the dead Padawans of Luke Skywalker's Jedi Order, with a report claiming that the adolescent kids from The Force Awakens have been brought back.

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The scene in question is reportedly a before and after explanation of the events that led up to Luke placing his robotic hand on R2-D2, as was seen in all the Force Awakens trailers and included in Rey's initial Force Vision. Luke is essentially saying good-by to his R2 unit after Kylo Ren has slaughtered the Padawans. An unnamed source from the set claims this scene included Rey, Luke, Artoo and Kylo. They are seen amongst the strewn bodies of the Padawans. Though Rey is an adult, and she is inactive, just standing, watching. It is believed that this is a continuation of the vision from Takodana, which has Rey as a bystander. This is reportedly all being seen from her perspective. And is most likely a memory from her past.

Making Star Wars speculates that Rey's entire Force Vision had been planned out for Star Wars 7, which would have explained what happened to Luke leading up to his self-imposed exile on Ahch-To. But the bulk of those ideas have been saved for Star Wars 8. Right now, there isn't much information to go on.

It was said during the release of The Force Awakens that Rey's initial Force Vision was supposed to bring her to Bespin, where she would have seen a flashback to Luke and Darth Vader's iconic first lightsaber duel. Perhaps that is being saved for this next sequel. While The Force Awakens was being filmed, it was heavily rumored that WWE Superstar Stephen Farrelly, perhaps better known as Sheamus, was playing Darth Vader. It was a rumor he didn't dispute. But those scenes didn't ever show up in Episode VII. Perhaps it is more fitting that they would show up in Star Wars 8, which is a counterpart to Empire Strikes Back, with some of the plot said to curb from that classic in the franchise.

B. Alan Orange at Movieweb
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