Apparently, The Knights of Ren, whom Ben Solo leads, will have quite a substantial role in Star Wars: Episode VIII. Last week, we got to hear about a scene featuring these characters, only briefly glimpsed in The Force Awakens, which features Jedi Master Luke Skywalker obliterating them while Kylo Ren and Rey face off in their first of two big lightsaber battles. Now we have even more details, which tell of a crashed ship and a possible Knight death.

These latest plot details come courtesy of Making Star Wars, and arrive from those in full view of what is being shot in Ceann Sibeal, Ireland. In the past few days, it has been reported that a ship cockpit was transported to the location under a tarp. This vehicle is either very tiny, or will later be extended through the use of CGI. This particular scene take place on top of a lush green mountain, and is set on the planet of Ahch-To, where Luke has gone into seclusion.

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The ship cockpit appeared to be on fire, smoldering, with giant fans billowing out smoke. The ship is described as a SR-71 Blackbird in shape, and the scene features what is believed to be the Knights of Ren. Their costumes are very similar to the band of warriors last seen surrounding Kylo Ren in Rey's force vision. The actors spotted on set were wearing all black with matching helmets and weapons that looked similar to the medieval knights.

This ominous group slowly approached what is believed to be a crashed ship. They all kneel at the smoke-filled site. Apparently, one of the Knights has either perished, or they are getting ready for someone to step out of the ship. What is happening at this point is not immediately clear. It is speculated that this is actually the Knights of Ren's ship, and that they crash landed on Ahch-To in their quest to capture Rey and kill Luke Skywalker.

The most important thing noted about the scene being shot is that Kylo Ren is no where to be seen. It is believed that he could be laying injured in the ship's debris, or more likely, the other Knights are kneeling, awaiting Kylo to set from the downed vehicle. There is no indication as to why the ship crashed, with those scenes most likely being shot elsewhere. Making Star Wars goes onto guess that this might actually be a funeral pyre. But that seems unlikely. Though, it is noted that getting to Luke and Rey on Ahch-To is proving to be more difficult for the Knights than planned. That said, there is no context belong laid out for these shots. It is, however, believed that this scene takes place before Rey and Ben's big showdown, where Luke kills off all the Knights with the exception of Kylo.

This scene was shot during the day. The previously mentioned fight scene was shot at dusk as the sun was setting on Ahch-To. It may be possible that the Knights of Ren are larger in number than previously glimpsed in The Force Awakens. At the end of the day, what is confirmed is that a group of actors wearing costumes very similar to The Knights of Ren kneeled down around a downed spacecraft. And it took place on Ahch-To.

In related news, further proving that someone definitely could have seen these scenes shot, is the fact that a couple of fans broke into the set to photograph themselves standing on top of the Millennium Falcon. You can see the photos in question below. Most interesting is the image of a giant tree, which many believe is actually the long lost Jedi temple that Luke Skywalker went searching for. What hasn't been said about these scenes is where Chewbacca and R2-D2 are in all of this. Are they just waiting in the Millennium Falcon while Luke and Rey dispatch the bad guys? With the Falcon still on site, it doesn't appear that they flew home.