Yesterday, Disney and Lucasfilm showed off the first footage from Star Wars: The Last Jedi, and it was a moment heard around the world as this news quickly became one of the week's biggest trending topics. Today, we have even more details from this secretive event, which saw a teaser play out in front of a select crowd at Disney's shareholder meeting. This new report clarifies a much reported on moment, and gives new clarity to what else was shown.

/film was contacted by Matthew Hansen, a secret spy posing as a shareholder who was witnessed to the first teaser shown off at the now infamous meeting in Denver Colorado. (Ok, he's not really a spy, but an actual shareholder.) He sets up his own introduction to the exciting new moments shown off in this never-before-seen video.

"The Walt Disney Company Annual Meeting of Shareholders opened, as always, with a sizzle reel explaining the values/ideals and goals of the company. As always, quick snippets from unreleased films were included with other clips from movies, TV shows, and sports."

He then goes onto give a full break down of the Last Jedi footage that screened. And he clarifies a moment that was widely reported on, and poured over yesterday. It seems that what appeared to be Luke Skywalker's first words may not actually be his first words at all. And there is evidence that supports the fact that he's not even speaking them to Rey.

As reported yesterday, it was believed that Luke's first words in Star Wars 8 were 'Who are you?' And that he asks this of Rey as she hands him back his lightsaber. As it turns out, these words are spoken in a cave, or ancient Jedi hut, not on the cliff as we see at the end of The Force Awakens. And it is not clear whom he is talking to.

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These are Luke's first words heard spoken in a public setting, but it appears that they are not actually his first words in the movie. This scene cuts to Poe Dameron in his X-Wing. As he flies towards unrevealed destinations, he yells out, 'It's now or never!' This scene then cuts to his co-pilot, the now iconic astromech ball droid BB-8. Next, a fleet of fighters is seen flying in a shot that is reminiscent of the ships over Scarif in Rogue One.

There is a very quick clip of Chewbacca roaring his iconic wookie howls. And there was a new shot of Captain Phasma, confirming she made it out of that trash compactor before the Star Killer Base was destroyed. But most importantly, this footage confirms a round of rumors we've heard recently. Yes, Finn will be going undercover as a First Order Officer. He is seen in full uniform on the bridge of a First Order Star Destroyer. He is accompanied by Kelly Marie Tran, also dressed as a First Order Officer.

Another widely assumed story detail is confirmed true as several shots show off Rey practicing with Luke's old lightsaber. She is seen igniting it, and spinning it, learning a few new moves. There is also a shot of Rey's hand, in slow motion, with all five fingertips touching the ground as pebbles and dirt hover around her wrist.

As the footage began to wrap up, General Leia Organa made her presence known, with some of Carrie Fisher's last ever scenes revealed for the first time. Leia is seen with a hologram of the Resistance fleet behind her.

There is another shot of an X-Wing flying into a hanger. It was assumed that this is a Resistance base, as there was another X-Wing already parked inside. The nose of the first X-Wing flares upwards, braking in mid-air.

This all comes to an end with a wide shot of Ahch-To, which finds Rey on the point of a ridge, practicing her lightsaber moves. Luke Skywalker is seen sitting further up on the ridge, watching her. Training her.

It is reported that Bob Iger showed off the end of The Force Awakens, where Luke and Rey met for the first time. The scene continues, with the opening moments from The Last Jedi. They show Luke's hand grasping his old lightsaber. He takes it from Rey. There is a wide shot as Mark Hamill looks directly into the camera. And then it cuts to black. So in actuality, we haven't heard Luke Skywalker's first words, or what he says to Rey upon meeting her for the first time. No dialogue is revealed.

This and more Last Jedi footage is reportedly going to be revealed to the public for the first time at Star Wars Celebration this April. This footage is from a sizzle reel. It's not clear if Celebration is only getting the sizzle reel, or if a full trailer will also be revealed at that time. It is interesting to note that Kylo Ren was not shown in this footage at all, helping to confirm another rumor that this first trailer would mostly be focused on the heroes.

B. Alan Orange at Movieweb
B. Alan Orange